Scottish Holiday Social - 24 to 28 May 2019

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Event date: Friday 2019-05-24
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Darren C Darren C 4 Cheers M, really looking forward to this.
murdo murdo 4  
Special edition Special edition 2  
A2Steve A2Steve 4 Probably 2 A2's for us
Vorsprung durch Technik Vorsprung durch Technik 3  
damadgeruk damadgeruk 4  
Proghound Proghound 3 Daughter confirmed!
Teresa Teresa 2  
timmus timmus 2 (2 to 4 people, 1 or 2 A2s)
A2Sam A2Sam 1 (4 but already accounted for above)
Jellybean Jellybean 2 Sounds great and I see dogs can be accommodated. Would like to bring our girl along?
wills wills 2  
SheilaJohn SheilaJohn 2 Is there any space on this event if we can make it?
A alanb 1  
Seb_Gurkyh Seb_Gurkyh 1  
richard- richard- 1  
T tdiquattro 1  
D dougster 2  
cheechy cheechy 1 back in again :)
Al2coholic Al2coholic 1 roughing it in tent


Admin Team
Hello everyone,

Following the great success of the Welsh social 2018, inspiration was drawn and A2Steve laid the gauntlet down for a holiday A2OC social in Scotland for next year . Well - I'd be rude not to accept such a challenge!

A2OC socials are friendly and inclusive events. Very family friendly and all A2s welcome. It's amazing that there's really no two the exact same! So, whether you drive a well lived in daily driver or own a show car, please consider joining us for stunning views, great cruising drives and sociable company. It's testimony to these wee cars that I've no hesitation in proposing a very long trip . Plus if anything untoward happens, we are likely to have an expert or two in attendance!

Outline plans as follows:

Day 1 - Friday 24 May is a travelling day to arrive in Fort William in Lochaber . Home of Ben Nevis Britain's tallest mountain and some stunning scenery on the drive. There's a good Premier Inn here and for those wishing to entertain kids or big kids, I can arrange a fire station visit which is walking distance from the hotel. I'll also post up suggested stop off points up the M6 for breaks and overnight stay on 23rd as I'm aware this is a long drive for most members.

Fort William

Rannoch Moor

Day 2 - Saturday 25 May it's an early start and we head from Fort William to Mallaig to catch the Armadale ferry to Skye. En route we will stop off to view the Glenfinnan viaduct (made famous by the Harry Potter movies) and we will stop for a walk along Morar Sands before heading to Mallaig ferry terminal at lunch time.

Glenfinnan viaduct

Morar Sands

Anyone who doesn't like the water or ferry travel can take an alternate route and cross the Skye Bridge at Kyleakin. We will then meet up in Broadford on the island.

Those taking the ferry (40 minutes and about £20 one way for car plus 2) will take in the views of South Skye, prior to a food stop at Armadale Castle visitor centre, followed by a beautiful drive to meet up with any road travellers in Broadford.
From here we drive North on the A87 to Portree to stock up on supplies before reaching our overnight stopping point at Uig where we will have exclusive occupancy of the Cowshed Boutique Bunkhouse.



Portree Bay

Day 3 - Sunday 26 May we travel south and over the Bealach road to Staffin to see the stunning Quirang Ridge and experience the winding single track road. We will visit Kilt Rock, Lealt Falls, the Old man of Storr and Storr Lochs for short breaks and photos.

Kilt Rock

The Old man of Storr and Storr Lochs

We will then tour the West of the island taking in the views at Carbost (where the Talisker Distillery is), Glenbrittle and Elgol to experience the views and the sight of the majestic Cuillins.

Elgol and the mountains

We return to the Cowshed for a second night or at this point people may wish to end the tour and head for home. It will be a suitable breaking point at this stage.
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Admin Team
Day 4 - Monday 27 May will start early with a visit to the Fairy Glen in Uig very close to our digs. We will then drive South through the island again, cross the bridge and visit Dornie and Eilean Donan castle before heading to Applecross via the famous Bealach na Ba road . This is a Mecca for car enthusiasts and rightly so. It's breathtaking! We stop in Applecross for food and at this stage it will be a break point of people starting to head for home (suggest Fort William for overnight again) or do their own thing and stay longer in the North if desired. It's an opportunity to make a longer holiday of the break. For those who wish to stay on another night, there is the option of the Applecross Campsite.

Bealach na Ba road

Eilean Donan castle


Day 5 - Tuesday 28 May will be the journey home after a wonderful action-packed 4 day break in the beautiful Skye.

That's a whistle stop tour folks and a flavour of the proposed adventure. All very flexible so you can tag along doing as much or as little of the itinerary as you wish.

Please add your name to the thread and confirm if you wish to attend!

I can assist with accommodation bookings and more detail will be posted as we progress. I've block booked the Cowshed for the Saturday and Sunday so we have opportunity to be together as a group and the costs are very reasonable. Skye hotels and B&B are considerably more expensive and early booking will be a must. It is am extremely popular destination for its natural beauty and much besides.

Enough for now - enjoy the photos, hope they inspire a good attendance and I'd love to host you in my spiritual home of Skye! Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you on what will be a fun-filled A2OC social!

Any questions just post on the thread and I'll do my best to help out.


Admin Team
Shame I joined too late to register for the South Wales social, I looked enviously at all the photos! Having been all over Scotland by train before I had my own car, I've always wanted to go back and drive the West Coast and Skye. So I'm really excited to see this social announced, sounds like a fantastic trip!

So I'm definitely in, my better half too as she has never been but has always wanted to. Can't wait!

As for the third guest, our daughter is not un-keen, but it would help her decision to know what other teens or children are coming. She'll be 15 by then and gets on with all ages. Are the other cars with 3 or 4 in bringing families or friends, please?


Admin Team
Hi everyone. Overwhelming response on the first day. 34 bookings is amazing. Can I please ask anyone signing up to PM me advising if you wish to stay at the pre booked accommodation over the weekend or make your own arrangements. I'll also need confirmation if you wish to stay in Fort Willam area on the Friday night . Excuse me if this seems very far in advance but from local knowledge and experience it's essential to book early as accommodation is over subscribed massively in this area of Scotland and very pricey if you don't arrange early . I'll do my utmost to keep costs reasonable for people . Thanks a mill.


Admin Team
We have a WhatsApp group set up for the Scottish Holiday social . If you're attending and would like to join the chat - please private message me your mobile number and I will add you.


Admin Team
We have a WhatsApp group set up for the Scottish Holiday social . If you're attending and would like to join the chat - please private message me your mobile number and I will add you.
Believe it or not I don't have a smartphone ... in this day and age! But if she's OK with it I'll PM you my other half's number as she's on WhatsApp, so messages will still get through.


Admin Team
Quick update folks. I know it's a year away however accommodation is already fully booked in some places. The premier inn fort William has no vacancies on Monday 29 May 2019. If you're attending I really recommend booking sooner than later .
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I have booked myself into the Alexandra hotel in Fort William on the Friday and Monday evenings as its close to the Premier inn.
I'm also likely to end up in the holiday inn Lancaster on the way up on Thursday and way back on Tuesday (but booking for that doesn't open until next week by the looks of it


Admin Team
There is also a travel lodge on the main Street in Fort Will i Am
Thanks Roy boy. Travelodge has been pitched as one of the potential options but they are not accepting online bookings for May 19 yet . Stayed there in April it was clean and comfortable. No onsite parking at that time though. Construction site at the back.
Can we tempt you across to Eilean a Cheo for a day trip?
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