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Hello members of this forum

My name is Joakim, live just outside the city Eskilstuna in Sweden.
I have been interested in the A2 model since like 15 years back without ever having one, but happened to talk one of my colleagues at work into buying one :) in 2005.

Having responded to some car ads over the years, but never actually buying anything, I this year checked with my colleague, and yes he was actually thinking about selling his (as it had some issues).
So now I have an 2003 A2 1.4 petrol :) . Paint code LY7W, and black interior in good shape.


The spirit in this forum seems great and kind, and not to mention the knowledge level in overall. I am very impressed.
Welcome Joakim I lived and worked in linkoping Saab aircraft for a couple of years in the early eighties ..really enjoyed it and per udson in Grenaa Denmark same period .scandinavia holds a special place for me ..loved it and the people..👍good luck on your car .farval..paul

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A warm welcome to the club. One of my favourite sets of alloys those 15 inch wheels. They came with my first A2 also.

Enjoy your new car, your ownership overall and of course your membership here. Best regards.


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Welcome. Stayed in Eskilstuna a couple of years ago when the big American car show was nearby. Nice city, nice country.
Hope you enjoy your A2 ownership and yes you will find much information and help on here.