Skirting repair



I'm in the process of finding a garage to replace some damaged driver side and passenger side lengths of the skirting that runs between the mud guards on my 1.4 TDi.

I have the parts sourced for about £45 the pair I think and just wondered if there is anything special about fitting these that the garage will need to know about?

Pictures attached of the damaged items.

Cheers to anyone who has any insights.

Have a good eve.




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yes, you will need new front and rear cap strips for each sill cover you are replacing. The cap strips are held in place with clips which always break on removal, you need to remove the cap strips to access the mounting screws. Also worth having some new Torx head screws that are used to hold the wheel arch liners in place


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Thanks @depronman @damadgeruk much appreciated. I've had a read of the thread, very helpful.

I'm glad I asked, I'm now wondering if the pair I'm interested in on eBay will have the necessary parts. They are here:

Do you know any good places in London to get a job like this done well?
Ebay item you linked are the parts you need though the cap strips are not included. The cap strips are parts 26 and 27 in post #9 of the thread I linked (the bits you won't need if they are removed carefully though will need glued on as I haven't heard of anyone removing without damaging the clips).
@Birchall, @Kleynie and I believe @Didgesteve have a good mechanic in London IIRC.
@Sarge may be able to suggest someone too.


If that was me I'd be repairing the skirt (Plastic welding) then painting the whole thing with plasticote matt black rather than having the hassle of replacing it