Sprint Booster for 1.4 Petrol/BBY


Hi all,

I have searched the forum and the last post I could find related to this was from 2010.

Has anyone installed a sprint booster to a 1.4 petrol (BBY engine) and what was the outcome?

Am considering this to help with the immense throttle lag however there is literally no info on its effectiveness in the a2 anywhere...

Thanks in anticipation.


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On a regular aspirated engine I can’t see any benefit in these nothing a good service and some decent fuel couldn’t achieve.. after all it’s a 1.4..


It's more for removing the lag between pressing the accelerator and the response. Service and high Ron fuel won't correct that lag, the cars already well maintained and I'm not expecting more horsepower.

There's a lot of experience with the sprint booster in older mini coopers which also suffer from the lag due to fly by wire. Very little info for the a2 so I may take a punt and hope for the best...

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Sounds like it's worth investigating, I can't believe that model is so badly hampered, always conscious that a stall is going to happen so give it a load of beans to get it to go ! Conversely the diesel pulls from zero revs and is at full power by the time the petrol has decided to move!


My 1.4 petrol goes down the road really smoothly, but I find the fuel cutoff a bit abrupt when lifting off, which I guess a remap for driveability would cure, and possibly give a tiny increase in power.

Keep us posted on your findings with the sprint booster, every little helps!
My 1.4 petrol goes down the road really smoothly, but I find the fuel cutoff a bit abrupt when lifting off.
Our Cobalt 1.4 used to do that @ 80k but that completely disappeared after a Terraclean and felt like a new car. What this does is clean out the injection system really well and possibly the lamda sensor? So a good clean with something like 10K boost (comes in a can) you squirt into the throttle body or a Terraclean will sort that out.