Stanford hall VW show Sunday 5th May-A2oc club stand

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Event date: Sunday 2019-05-05
Registration ends: Friday 2019-05-03
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a2sumo a2sumo 1  
Special edition Special edition 2 Looking forward to this.
A2 Louis A2 Louis 2  
Vonnie Vonnie 1  
Proghound Proghound 1 Just me so far, Lynette & daughter TBC
Muska Muska 2 Probably me and the wife :)
QuatroA2 QuatroA2 2 Great show last year. Will be bringing at leat one young VW/ Audi enthusiat with me this year. Thank you!with me.
RZX RZX 2 Maybe 2 cars if there is room
den's a2 den's a2 2 Provisionally car might not be ready in time!
Cameron Waters Cameron Waters 1 ND53WTC - Dolphin Grey A2 TDI Sport with Votex
Teresa Teresa 1 Sorry - bit later to the party as was trying to work out how to fit in the trip with my birthday celebrations. I can see people bringing several cars so understand if you cant fit me in
Mustang-owner Mustang-owner 2 Glyn and myself will be attending
O07JESTER O07JESTER 1 I'm available if you need me?
wills wills 2 Both of us will be there
chumsofmanutd chumsofmanutd 1  
SheilaJohn SheilaJohn 2 We're looking forward to seeing you all! We have a wheelchair called "Gladys" in the back of "Barry" the A2. John has reduced mobility at the moment... XXX


Social Secretary
Looking forward to Sunday,I'm only 30 mins from Stanford Hall so will meet up at the Hotel first if that's okay?.is there anyone I need to contact? Or look for all the shiny A2's?
Just look for the A2s ๐Ÿ˜„ Do remember to come into the hotel and put your number plate in the screen so you don't get a parking fine. Look forward to meeting you

A2 Louis

Well today in preparation for the show Boris has had a new knock sensor and connector fitted. I also got the mechanic to reset the throttle body. The engine management light has stayed off SO FAR hopefully it doesnโ€™t come back on ๐Ÿ˜…. Boris seems to love putting the EML on so Iโ€™m sure he will soon he never lets me down ๐Ÿ˜‚


A2OC Donor
Really looking forward to this, just need it to stay dry for a while so I can get a bit of cleaning/polishing done! :)

Darren C

Admin Team
Great to see/hear all of the preparation work underway/planned. Gutted not to have the A2, but grateful I'll be there and be there in a VW.

Cracking job everyone, look forward to seeing the cars 'in the flesh' on Sunday.


Social Secretary
I'm afraid that Mabel looks like a dustbin that been dragged through a hedge backwards and I have no time to do anything to her before the show ๐Ÿ˜”

A2 Louis

I'm afraid that Mabel looks like a dustbin that been dragged through a hedge backwards and I have no time to do anything to her before the show ๐Ÿ˜”
If your going to the hotel tomorrow while on your journey pop in to me and Iโ€™ll give Mabel a wax and a polish :) ;)


A2OC Donor
We hope to clean in the morning then leave for the hotel late morning hopefully before the rain. Fingers crossed see you on sunday and a few of you tomorrow at the hotel.


Hi everyone,I can't attend the show!!.After fitting my shiny new tandem pump I soon realised my ATL intake arrangement doesn't like the Bosch casing.Im looking into how to resolve this issue.Hope you all have a great time ๐Ÿ˜€


A2OC Donor
Well we have arrived at the hotel to be joined by the same karman beetle club. So the car park is looking fab - less so is my yellow storm and vonnies white sport we had hail in Essex and drive through a couple of cloud bursts on the way up. Will try and wipe them down in a few mins.
Once again drive safe and PLEASE REMEMBER to add your reg number on the tablets in reception or you will get a fine through the post.
Cheers mike and Yvonne