Steering wheel shaking with terrible noise


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Hello everyone!

I'm driving audi a2 1.4 petrol (2001).
A few months ago after 2 hours of driving my steering wheel started to shake and some very unpleasant noise came from inside the car. I was able to drive for a few minutes with these problems and park a car. After half an hour I turned my car on and problems were gone! My auto mechanic couldn't discover the problem as everything is working correctly.
But yesterday the same happened, this time after 1 hour and 15 minutes of driving. After pause, all problems were gone again, so driving to auto mechanic iz useless to me if someone of you can't give me a hint what is going on. Different sets of tires were used in those two situations, so I guess that something else is a problem.

Thank you very much in advance!


I had something similar recently, it turned out to be the CV joint as the rubber boot had split and let water into the joint. It started out as a tapping noise and when it got worse a knocking and shaking. The weird thing was that after stopping and it cooling off, presumably, it was OK for a while but came back. On my last trip before getting it fixed I was in two minds about driving it home from work, so I did a few figure of eights around the car park and it was absolutely fine, 5 miles later on my way home it came back with a vengeance and I had to stop and call the AA. The AA man whipped out some grease and massaged it into the CV joint through the split boot and told me that would get me to the garage, which I was a bit dubious about but he was right, it was fine for around 25 mile trip to the garage.
That will teach me, just because it is fine for a few miles don't expect it to be OK on a longer journey.