Steven Garrity - selling broken parts and refusing to refund in full

Audi A2 3L

I advertised within the group asking for a Double Din dash insert and Steven Garrity replied that he had the part in question.

Unfortunately this has not gone well at all and now we are at the unfortunate point of having to make it public.

I have sent payment in full via PayPal for the Double Din dash insert.

It arrived today, well packaged (and without damaged packaging) but the insert itself is damaged and has a support leg broken off. The broken part is not included within the packaging and what's more, it's an old break and very obvious. This is has obviously happened some time ago.

On contacting Steven Garrity with regard to the damage, he did not offer an apology or suggest that he was not aware of the damage. He has offered to refund the payment but not until I have paid for it's return which is not acceptable.

I'm now in the position where I have received faulty goods that are not fit for purpose and he is suggesting that I should be left out of pocket for his dishonest trading practices.

I will start the process via PayPal shortly of retrieving my payment but I thought that this would give the other party one last opportunity to do the right thing and have the damaged Double Din Insert collected at his cost and return my payment in full.

It goes without saying that had I known that the insert was damaged, I would not have entertained the thought of buying it. I am not interested in fitting broken parts to my car which could induce rattles or squeaks. Such is the work involved in fitting this that I intend it to done once and once only.

It is interesting that Steven Garrity questioned my payment via PayPal as 'Goods' rather than 'Friends & Family'... I am very glad that I did looking now at the situation we are in.

Should anyone else be considering buying from this seller, I would reconsider!

Here are photos of the broken insert.