Still limping home...


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it was a while ago now.. it was one of the connectors to the little solenoid valve that controls the turbo.. the valve is near the expansion tank.. which is why the bubbling over coolant sprayed all over it and made it corrode.
Thank you.
I have the valves there on my AMF A2 but my girlfriend's car is a BHC so has them mounted in the vacuum chamber on the inner offside wheel arch. I have bought a used one so will first check the contacts on the existing one and then change it over if the problem persists.


I had the same issue. Bought a new N75 valve after checking the pipes. Went to fit it and the pipe on the top of the valve was loosely sitting on top of its connection. Pushed it back on and it’s been fine since. Not sure why I didn’t notice when I checked multiple times before buying the new valve!


at last.. an UPDATE! well fingers crossed.. again, The limp home problem may be sorted. Certainly felt a lot more lively on the drive back from picking it up, and the turbo whine was much more than before.
Turned out to be a corroded pin on a connector causing an open circuit.
Very good friendly service from INDE-TECH in Milton Keynes.
Any ideas which connector? Any pics?