Tdi 75 remap


Hi all, car is relatively nippy but I feel that it needs more punch. I used to run a revo on my old PD engine golf's and they flew. Which is best?


When I bought my A2 from Womautomotive my car already had a Stealth map on done by previous owner.
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I think the A2OC can’t be seen to support anything that might be seen to be infringing copyrighted material - such as promoting the use of altered versions of the intellectual property of VAG - but there is nothing preventing discussion of Remaps or their merits.

Stealth and others may own or have created their MAP files and so copyright is not infringed. I believe it’s only if the source material was copyrighted that there’s a problem.

Just don’t publicly post anything suggesting a particular vendor’s wares should be purchased but I think there is no issue with discussing different remaps and their properties.

Any copyright lawyers?

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Many forums have subsections discussing remaps and the like. Re-reading the message that was sent out a few weeks ago, the implication (although no specific details were mentioned) was that a particular map had been copied and was being re-distributed within A2oc, and therefore A2oc had to distance itself from this specific activity (and any other similar activities that can occasionally occur).


Ouch.. Not surprising that there was a need to put the statement out then. Assume that whatever happened here was fairly small scale, but clearly needed to be nipped in the bud before it became a more serious issue.