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Good afternoon,

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to remove part of the TDi exhaust?

I think it’s all a single piece but is there a convenient point where it could be cut and reattached without unbolting from the engine?

One of my hanger brackets has snapped and I was considering how feasible it would be to replace the back box (and hangers) and just clamp the join with an exhaust repair.

My garage don’t do welding repairs. No one seems to anymore that I can find. It’s all fitters not fixers.

Am I being silly? Should I just take it to a specialist welder auto shop?

Or buy a welder...

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Ive had a similar problem in the past Pinky and yes it can be done. The back box can be bought separately as a new stock item but you will have to cut the existing exhaust possibly just in front of the rear axle beam or as far as the new box will allow to fit. Its simply then a case of clamping the join as you suggested. Whilst the rear box is detached it also provides access to the heat shields if any repairs are needed. The cheaper option is of course to remove the existing rear box and have the hangers re welded back onto it.
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You could take the car to an exhaust specialist, they have the ability to do all the following.
Incorrectly jack up your car
Convince you need everything replaced
Tell you the car is dangerous unless you buy 5 new tyres and a battery now
Be helpful and weld it back on for a nominal fee.

From the manual where to cut the exhaust.



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Amazing! Thank you!

I do actually know a really great exhaust place. C&C custom in Hillington but it’s a fair trek and they usually take a couple of hours (they make amazing stainless systems from scratch so are usually very busy and only have one ramp).

Audifan - I appreciate the manual - that’s awesome. I can never find these things!

David. You’ll probably be good by the time I get around to sorting this. Cable ties at the ready!

A weird question but is the exhaust just mild steel? For an 18 year old bit of metal it looks incredibly rust-free! Is it coated or aluminised or something?


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Mild steel but coated
Since cats were introduced the rot rate on exhaust as dropped right off
The cat removes the chemicals which caused it to rot and changes them into water

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Thanks Paul.

I’m just comparing this to exhausts on my 90 Polo, my 97 Celica, my 98 Civic and my 89 campervan.

All them had exhausts that seemed to be made of rot from the off.

My wife’s car has a stainless box as standard and is only 6 years old and the Audi box looks similar.

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