Telephone (OEM/original installation)


Irrelevant in this day and age but was wondering how this was installed out of the factory (picture attached, believe this was OEM).

I have telephone ready A2 and there are two wholes in the console, was this done aftermarket or is this out of factory - for telephone cradle?

Any idea for the cradle part number and phone part number, out of curiosity.


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I think it's after market. I had a new A4 in 2004 and the Audi fit phone went in the centre arm rest. It was about £500 extra so I gave it a miss.


Yes, for A4, but since A2 never had original centre arm rest I am thinking maybe (just maybe) this could be OEM :)


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Yes, that’s the OEM phone cradle. Right-hand-drive A2s were never sold with this option, as the cradle was only ever made to mount on the right of the console.
I’ve seen this option ‘in the flesh’ on many occasions when working on A2s in Central Europe.




Tom, so both holes are there for attaching the original cradle and connector is to connect the phone, all three console “artefacts” there originally and not aftermarket? Am I assuming correctly?


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all three console “artefacts” there originally and not aftermarket? Am I assuming correctly?

This should be correct. A previous owner must have taken off the mounting block for the original phone charger and this is what it looks like underneath.

Still curious to know why they did not bother to make an RHD version of this - did they really expect to sell so few of them that the cost of making a mirrored version of the tray surround and phone mounting block while putting the ASR button on the other side would have broken the budget?
This was after all an option even in early model years when they still would have expected the model to be at least somewhat popular..