Jeff Sutcliffe

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Big thank`s to ( tt ) tom timmus he swung by mine on his way to airport last Saturday and programmed wife`s a2 to now lock when she`s driving. Thank`s TT
I appreciate that you're posting to thank Tom but I wonder whether the emergency services would recommend this mod when trying to extricate a trapped unconscious person from a crashed car with locked doors. I wonder whether you could have doors that lock automatically when travelling at (say) 10 mph or less so as to deter car jackers but unlock above that speed.


As a former ambulance EMT I can guarantee that in case of road traffic collision and a severely crashed car you WILL find a way to extract the occupants, car doors locked or not. Plus in a sever crash doors/ frame can deform so badly that even if it was not locked is takes proper equipment to open them anyway.
99% of modern cars (post 2001-ish) have this feature by default anyway.