The A2 That Was Always Destined To Become A Project Whether I Liked It Or Not....

It's time to start a thread about my A2 that was originally purchased in 2016 as a daily driver with just 55k on the clock. I'll not bore you with all the details as they are covered here already ( but as usually happens with me and cars - plans change.

I used the car for one year on a daily basis and put 8k on the clock (current milegage 63K) but a broken spring in February made me reappraise what I was going to do with it moving forward. The Lupo that I had a minor misdemeanour in has now been fully repaired and currently only has 31k on the clock so we have decided to use that daily and as my wife put it "you can get the A2 how you want it". How can I turn down an opportunity like that?

So now the plan is to restore the car to it's former glory back when it was registered in 2002 (albeit OEM plus with choice upgrades. Quite how close I will get to that standard only time will tell but this thread will document all the stages of what will be a very long project.

My A2 is a June 2002 1.4SE finished in silver with soul black interior. It was registered by an Audi dealer in Kent and then was sold on to its second owned in September 2002. That owner kept it until November 2015 and then I bought it in January 2016 (I tried buying it in December 2015 but Christmas got in the way). The car came with full service history (half Audi main dealer network and latterly the same independent garage) but worryingly it didn't have a cam belt change documented in the service book so that was done within a matter of days together with new water pump etc.

The car is a 5 seat model and had standard SE spec plus heated washers and mirrors. It was a very clean example but obviously given it's age the paint has a few small paint defects here and there (these will be gettibg rectified and then some in the future). A few months after purchase I made the trip to Lancaster where Timmus performed his magic with some retrofitting so the current list of mods/upgrades are:

Retro fitted DIS
Retro fitted cruise control
Retro fitted multi function steering wheel
Rear cup holder
Handbrake stowage cubby
New handbrake button
Electric window and central locking switches replaced with brand new versions
Front interior door handles refurbished with new soft touch coating (perfectly matching the Audi original) professionally applied
Mint hard touch headlight switch
New steering column shroud to replace original item (I think the previous owner was ready for an eye test judging by the number of scratches in the ignition area!)
Concert II fascia and buttons replaced with those from a mint condition donor unit
Front cup holders replaced with mint versions
Mint soft touch climate control panel replaced worn unit and buttons replaced with mint Audi A4 hard touch versions to avoid future issues
Bespoke front, rear, and boot mats made from black superlux carpet with black leather binding
Lower A pillar trims replaced with new Audi items (drivers side is a LHD passenger item so minus the annoying footrest part)
New later model aero wiper arm and blade

There have also been many other small bits and bobs replaced here and there so far but they are too minor to list.

When the front spring broke I saw it as an opportunity to overhaul the entire front suspension so purchased Bilstein B4 front shocks and matching OEM equivelent springs plus Meyle HD drop links and all the other necessary parts from Audi including all mounts, bolts etc. This work was carried out in early March and has tranformed the car. Immediately after the suspension was sorted I cleared out my garage (a long overdue job) and that is where that car has sat since 18th March and where it will remain for a long time.

Over the last few months I have been amassing the parts to perform a CD changer conversiom to the car. I bought the CD changer boot panel and changer from a member (thanks again putyermittenson) together with a new changer cable from another member (hugely appreciated Spike). I have also sourced from Audi Tradition some parts either discontinued in the UK dealer network or cheaper to buy from Germany than from in blighty. These are a brand new CD changer, new o/s rear light cluster access panel, and new CD changer trim panel together with new rear sill trims for both sides as the originals are in very good order but do have a few scuffs and scrapes. It seems a perfect opportunity to change them while taking the car to bits to route cables etc. This job will be done over the next month or so as and when time constraints and the British weather allow.

I also have started collecting the various parts that I am going to be needing much further down the road. These being a full set of new SE centre caps (thanks Crewe Audi) and a new rear bumper metal trim strip that was a steal from Ebay, and some brand new genuine Audi rear shocks that were incredibly cheap from JCT600 Audi in Lincoln at £40 delivered. Special Edition Dave will vouch for how OCD I am about my motors so the paintwork as it stands isn't up to scratch so probably the last job will be a lot of work at my chosen bodyshop which is Impact in Brighouse. That will probably be a year or so away as I don't expect that bill to be a small one. I'm currently trying to claim compensation from the garage who did the front suspension work as over the weekend I noticed they have rather unhelpfully scratched the n/s front wing in the process.

Other jobs needing attention are replacement of the EGR valve (I have tried cleaning it but after a few miles the warning light comes back on) and Timmus is at some point going to replace the microswitches in both rear doors as on one side there is a slight fault that brings up a fault code when the car has been scanned with VCDS.

I am currently on with getting the engine bay up to scratch so the car is sat in my garage minus it's bonnet while I let my OCD take over. Following that I will be turning my attention to the inner arches. Once progress is made I will start to post pictures of each stage of the project.

Obviously my A2's days as a daily car are long gone so it won't be seen around for quite a while. I'll be attending the Yorkshire meet in June but I think that will be in my other pride and joy our family VW Transporter.....sorry!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my car and watch this the meantime if anybody can help out with any current and future WANTED ads it would be hugely appreciated.

Jeff :)

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Great right up Jeff and perfect to read over lunch haha, the car will be a minter I'm sure,
I too considered some while ago the drivers footwell trim without the bulge, have you a part number for this at all?
Cheers Jeff
Great right up Jeff and perfect to read over lunch haha, the car will be a minter I'm sure,
I too considered some while ago the drivers footwell trim without the bulge, have you a part number for this at all?
Cheers Jeff
Thanks for your kind words Jeff.

I think the part number for the LHD footwell trim is 8Z0867458A 4PK. While I was at it I replaced the passenger side trim too. I'm sure the cost of both combined was only about £38. I seem to recall the dealer phoning me back two or three times about the LHD item though as ordering it was a bit out of their comfort zone :)

Jeff :)

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I have to agree with Jeff, Jeff. :) An excellent read and an exciting prospect which I look forward to following on these pages and hopefully seeing in the flesh one day. It really looks like you have a nice example as a basis for your project. With Dave on-hand, I'm sure there'll be some good banter and comradeship during the journey. Best of luck.

Great right up Jeff and perfect to read over lunch haha, the car will be a minter I'm sure...
Last night I made a start on getting the engine bay up to standard. I had to take an early bath as my inspection lamp went kaput after 20 minutes so things are on hold until the replacement LED work light that I have ordered arrives on Friday. I did have time to see that I will need various replacement clips and fastners plus various degreasing products that I don't currently have in stock.

I also had a good look at my front panel and I know that this would bug the hell out of me if I don't rectify it. It might seem a bit over the top but I would always see it as the weak link in the chain if I don't put it right:

I'm not too sure what the remedy will be - the two options are try painting it or the more drastic measure of replace it with a new panel which would be a big job (and expensive) but it will be getting some serious attention when it eventually has it's bodyshop visit so perhaps that might be the way to go. I've got plenty of time to think it over.

I gave one small area a good clean and it came up well with very little effort so I'm confident of good results after putting the work in:

Once I was back in the house after the aborted cleaning session I opened and inspected the goodies that arrived from Audi Tradition on Monday. Inside are the replacement rear sill trims that I will be changing as part of the CD changer conversion. If anyone else is wanting these when I last enquired the offside trim is now unavailable from dealers so once they are gone from Audi Tradition only used ones will be an option:

One job I'm not too sure of the way to go is cleaning the rocker cover. Can somebody recommend a good product for degreasing it? I'm considering Gunk Green but have no experience of using it before. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff :)
I need a favour from somebody - my brake fuid reservoir is secured by three bolts and each one has a washer fitted that doesn't look factory. I'm guessing these have been added by a mechanic at some point. Could some someone look under the bonnet of their A2 and see if washers are a standard fitment or whether mine has been "modified"?

As you can see from the above my washers don't sit very well!

Jeff :)
Photo sent via WhatsApp Jeff... as discussed those bolts should be flanged without any washers. They could have been "misplaced" following the front suspension work. :confused:
Cheers Dave, new ones plus a few other bits and bobs ordered. A cheap visit to the dealers at under a fiver! Also got a front panel price which was more reasonable than I thought even without discount for "regulars".

Jeff :)
I need help with a couple of part numbers which after half an hour on I'm no closer to finding.

Part numbers are needed for the corrugated drain hose and the clip which secures it to the drainage outlet on the scuttle panel. I can find all the other drainage pipes on oempc but that one seems to be eluding me.

Jeff :)
........and I now have suitable light for late night cleaning sessions in the garage

I can really get cracking now on the engine bay.

Directly under the wiper are the drainage pipe and clip that I need part numbers for as per my previous post. Also does anybody have a mint 1.4 petrol upper cambelt cover that they would be willing to part with? Mine has a couple of marks on it so needs replacing.

Jeff :)
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A little bit of cleaning the engine bay and I discovered that somebody in the past has broken the mounts for the heated washer plugs. I could bodge something to keep them secure but I will probably end up ordering a new scuttle panel as mine has a mark where the original wiper arm has made contact with it at some point. I'm hoping they don't cost a lot.
I called at the dealer to pick up a few bits and bobs this morning....

....but the drain hose clip that I ordered was totally wrong and even after looking on ETKA I am no closer to knowing it's part number. It's on the image below behind the heater washer plugs. Can anybody supply the part number as I've totally drawn a blank. As a last resort I can refurbish the existing clip by either black oxidising or painting it but I would prefer a new one if possible:
I may be totally wrong here Jeff but I think ive seen that large "cable ties" are often used to secure the drain tube to the black plastic air filter pipe and could have been used from new. :confused:
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