The quest for the highest mileage A2 and the 200K Club


What a coincidence. I regret the photo quality.

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Hi All mine has just hit 266K now
Only a baby compared to some on here but yesterday she passed the 200k milestone ?View attachment 80801

All updated guys.

kp 115

A thread like this has been started before but obviously time has gone by so mileages would have increased.

I'll start the thread so that I can update the first post with the current 'winner'.

The only rules are that the car must still be on its original engine. Head work/injectors etc are fine but it must still be the original block and cylinder head.

Also, I know there would be no reason for anyone to lie but please can any claim be backed up by a photo of the speedo showing the mileage.

Current highest miler is:

Imola Yellow (TDI) at 555,555 (348,000 on original engine)

Current highest mileage on original engine

Weetank2 with 356k miles (TDI)

200k club members

- Edwrai @ 328k TDI
- DUP @ 326k 1.2 TDI
- Rich_ - TDI90 303k
- Hans 1.4 AUA 300k
- Steveb TDI @300k
- Depronman @ TDI 288k
- Luzt 1.2 TDI 271,691
- iamlost666 - 266000k
- Trevorswaine @ 262008
- A2 3L @ 260k
- iamlost @259k TDI 75
- 2work 1.4 BBY 256k
- Artsi_L 254k
- Oko 250k TDI 90
- Miguel_E38 - 248600 TDI
- KP115 245k TDI
- captain059 240k 1.4 petrol
- ianlost666 240k TDI
- Leopard680 238k TDI
- Birchalls £300 TDI @ 230k
- Williamthewoodman 228k TDI 90
- Leosun76 228k
- Bye bye alfa @ 223k
- Evoman - 224500 TDI75
- FHL - 222k
- Sciroccorrado - TDI 220k
- 985J 219k TDI
- 2work - project 250 TDI BHC 217k
- ardeed – AUA 1.4 Petrol 215k
- jeff9640 - TDI 215k
- Vonnie TDI - 212+k
- Slumdog 212k 1.4 AUA
- vklexer - 210k
- den’s A2 1.4 BBY -210k
- neo- 208k
- Simufly 206k+ TDI
- Alistair.Bray.14 @ 206k+
- Mikemarsuk @ 205k
- Cammy @ TDI 205k
- Putyourmittenson - TDI 202k
- 67Boris - TDI 202k
- Drewroberts TDI90 201896
- Chenick's son - TDI 201623k
- Muska - TDI 200k
- zeicis - TDI 200k
- Pinkythelabrat 200K
- Martin 54 TDI 75 200+k
- Au2RO TDI - 200+k
- Listershaun - 200k +
- Rich_ 200+k
Hi Steve,
My current mileage as it’s back to commuting duties minus the oil leak etc.


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I LOVE this thread.
Other car forums focus way too much on negative issues (although they are part of any forum)

Here we see a lot of focus on just how far a well maintained A2 can go without issues.
I remember buying a cheap A2 for my grandson a few years back. It had 230,000 miles on the clock (basically the distance from here to the moon) and it still carried on faultlessly for 3 years and 30,000 more miles (until it was damaged).

In the old days, when Skodas were not as great as they are now, there was a rumour that Skoda sales garages were clocking the mileometers FORWARDS. - just to make people think that a Skoda could go that far!!!

Steve B


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Sorry that i've let this thread slide a bit. All mileages and ranking now updated.

Joint gold are @Imola Yellow and @Weetank2 because Stu is still on his original engine.

Imola Yellow (TDI) at 555,555 (348,000 on original engine)

Weetank2 with 431k miles (TDI) (original engine)

Silver is - @Bawhee at 338k on what appears to be a petrol AUA engine.

Bronze is @Edwrai at 328k TDI
@Weetank2 that is seriously impressive!! Any tips for longevity beyond sticking to the service regime religiously?