The tour of Wales 2018


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A few from today

A little detour

Some of the motley crew

The final stop (that's Tom with the cowboy hat)

Many more photos will be posted I'm sure. 17 A2's took part in this event and over a combined 3060miles we only had one mechanical mishap (An intercooler pipe popped off on mine), quite a testament to our little Alu friends.

Both Sam, the girls and I had a fantastic weekend amongst lovely people and are looking forward to seeing you all again.
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What a great weekend had by all and all thanks to Steve and Sam for showing us this wonderful part of Wales! :D Thanks guys!!

At the start of the day this happened.

Because of this...........

Glad you managed to get it sorted Steve.

Whilst stationary.............

The picnic point where we had home cooked fried in the car park samosas.:cool:

Stunning car park filled with some exotic machinery.

Fabulous views in all directions.......

We as a family thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the company. :)

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I'd also like to add the thanks of myself and my family to everyone that attended for making this special and to publicly extend our gratitude to Steve and Sam for the organisation, diligence, planning and execution that went into making this social an outstanding success.

The weather wasn't always kind, but the spirits never dampened from any quarter. Adults and children alike embraced the beautiful Welsh scenery and our community of 'funny little cars' (barmaid quote in Newquay) left its mark as we drove around some of the best driving roads I have ever had the privilege to drive on.

There was plenty of laughter throughout (even Steve B, Tom and I managed to raise a laugh or two as we watched our team lose in the Champions League final), Nasra and Sarge graced us with fresh Indian food and there was help, support and advice on tap as needed from everyone.

Great to meet up with old friends and make some new acquaintances. What an amazing trip. My fully loaded FSI behaved impeccably; the Welsh hills necessitating me to use the full rev range to keep with our TDI colleagues, but nonetheless, the best fun I have had in a very long time.

Thanks again one and all.