Things you love about your A2


How does it make you smile

The fact it looks like a futuristic trainer! (to me anyway!) Makes me smile whenever I see it.

The way I don't have to fill it up for ages (diesel) yet have enough power for any situation.

The comfortable and easy ride, combined with the superiority of owning an Audi (lol)

The fact it doesn't have to be serviced for ages and ages and ages.

The way it can take 4 adults and luggage in comfort without any complaints (diesel again)


Lol - funny how the 'things I hate' has FAR more replies....... :)

Another thing I love

- The small flip down sun visor which covers the top of the rear view mirror - How much have I wanted one of those on all the cars that I have owned!

(only found it after a year of ownership - D'oh)


Hmm, let me add to the "things i love" list...

It won't rust!!

I love the design of the car, very futuristic (even now) and I love the way the rear of the car slopes away to the back, but there is still loads of headroom! Compared to the Ford focus for instance, when that came out everyone went wow, or eugh! it was radical, but now it just looks the same as any other car, whereas there is nothing even close to the A2 on the road at the moment.

The fact that it could well be a future classic, unlike most other modern family cars.

the fact it will swallow 5 people, and some luggage, but is still small on the outside.



The rarity on the road ....

Everyone @ the office asks me what it is .....

The shock on peeps face when i say how cheap the insurance , tax is and how much she does to the gallon ....

The side profile always makes me smile ....

The noise when i floor her @ 2500 in 3rd ....

The firm ride (doesn't bother me) .....

The cup holders ....:D


Things I love:

The rarity
The quality feel
The compliant ride (I also drive a leaf-sprung Morris Minor)
The power (the Minor has about 39hp, so 75 broken horses is quite obscene)
The safety gadgets - EBD and ASR weren't available on most cars in my price-bracket
The clever seating
The futuristic shape/design
It won't rust. :D I love it!


I really love it, the concept is superb shame Audi were too tight to develop, most of the things I hate items could easily have been solved.
I love the economy, its got more space than an A3 or A4, practical, cheap to run cheap to tax, not sure about the insurance, hows about £400 with full no claims, no points, 45 years old?
My bose sounds brill, and the sports seats are good for a 500 mile journey in some comfort.
The best thing is the look on the beemer drivers faces when the gun it and my little 'eggbert' is still on their tail, ha ha ha


my insurance is £24 a month fully comp and no claim protection as well now thats what I call cheap.


Insurance is a little steep considering I insured a 316i SE (E46) for £525 at group 11 compared to £376 for a 1.4 TDI SE grop 6.

Insurance aside, economy is great, £85 Road Fund Licence is fantastic (try to explain to those who do not understand). Mid range performance is quick and comfort on extended runs is good. It looks great and as mentioned but you do not see many of them (today I saw 4 in less than one hour!). This was definately the exception.

The A2 is a good all round car if you can forgive some shortcomings.

AUDI take note, this is not a car to be ignored!


Things we love about our SnubNose...
her nose is very snubby!! :D
Love the profile.
Adore the full, sleek, black, glass roof.
Love the unique triple layer boot - enables multi-layer storage.
LOVE the fact she's made of aluminium and has been DESIGNED rather than made.
Love the fact that you hardly ever pass another one on the road (but we hiss, in a cat-like fashion, as we pass the many A Class that people liken her to :eek: )
We love the fact that Audi never got to the stage of messing up the design in a cost cutting exercise.
We love her power and her ride quality.
We love her washer jets, and interior mirrors/sunvisors (all of them!).
We love her economy - diesel, tax, insurance (£217 fully comp for girl for the year try "" :confused: It will take a while to enter all of your details but the screens are easy to fill in and they coax you along the way. At the end of all the entering, they go away and look through every provider and then send a comprehensive list back to you. How great is that, enter once and get quotes from loads of companies. :cool: )
We REALLY LOVE her maintenance flap - fab!!
We also love the fact that she will probably last forever.

Things we are not so keen on - wouldn't go so far as to say hate!!...
The strange, floppy wiper that wipes towards the driver. If it wiped the other way, the excess water would run in front of the passenger rather than streaming up the window in front of the driver.
We aren't too keen on the big, fat "A" pillars. Although if you know you need to take extra care and look around them then it makes you a safer driver than one who just gives a cursory glance and pulls out. Also, they are there to serve a very good purpose, added strength to the Ally Space Frame - so to sum up, it's something we are happy to live with.
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Things I love...

*super cool looks!
*all glass roof
*oil and water service module
*futuristic aluminium space frame
*double boot
*folding/removable split rear seats
*the interior space of a small family car inside the shell of a super mini!!
*the four rings
*lovely looking interior, dials, displays etc
*the grunty little 3 pot with some real punch (which will hopefully have a little bit more when I've got some spare reddies!!)


I lover her different looks!! Here in Italy is very rare...most of people hate her... they don't undestand nothing!!!
I love her beige inside and her quality feeling!!
Here in Italy we pay a lot of money for Insurance and Tax of propriety......

I love my baby!!! :p :p


It won't rust.
Incredible fuel economy (62 mpg - 75 TDi)
Can really shift when the turbo cuts in
Low tax (£85)
Long service interval
Low insurance (under £200 fully comp with full NCB & protected NC - Churchill)
The shape/design
Estate facility without estate look
The rarity
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Well as I haven't been able to drive the car for 2 months and I'm now back in it...

I love my A2

I love the cheap tax
I love the MPG
I love the way it drives (had an a6 avant for the 2 months)
I love the size and shape

I really do like the a2!
Well as I haven't been able to drive the car for 2 months and I'm now back in it...

I love my A2

I love the cheap tax
I love the MPG
I love the way it drives (had an a6 avant for the 2 months)
I love the size and shape

I really do like the a2!

I was without mine for one evening, the garage gave me a saxo! they were crap when new and they do not improve with 105k on the clock but I thought I could never love my A2 as much as I do but only after 30 miles in a saxo I love the A2 more then ever!! 2 months with out it you must have been beside yourself!!:eek:

I love the fact that no one has one on the school run,
The respect you get on the road (even for a small car),
The jealous looks on peoples faces when you tell them how much road tax you pay,
The insurance isn't to bad either,
The fact the car is a tardis (larger on the inside then the outside),
The mpg 400 miles on £42 (before we had a PT and that was 350 on £55(before fuel prices went mad, if I still had it I would have to mortgage at cat or sell a kidney to fill that up!:eek:)
Petrol station what is that?:D

Down side
We could not fill up enough to collect all the shell cars!!:eek:
Oh well, there is always e-bay for that!! lol :cool:


Hey all

Well my A2 is my best non human friend:)

Love the Aluminum
Love the rarity of it
Love the rear body kit spoiler
Love the wheel arches
Love the shine of the front grill
Love everything about it (except all design faults):mad:
Love the fact it gets keyed every month or so:eek:
Love it so much that IF it were a female I'd get married to it :p


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I think I love everything about Ada, but today we put the load space to the test when uplifting a single wardrobe, 2m x600mm x500mm. Fiona and the guy we got the robe from looked on with that 'never going to go in there' look while I managed to squeeze it in by folding the back of the bench seat and lowering the front chair. Tailgate wouldnt go down, and had to improvise with rope and bungee cord, oh,and there was limited left hand vision, but it served OK for a 2 mile trip home. What a tardis!! :D:D


What is there not to love about it?

I love the way it shudders on start up when its cold (just like the driver!)
I love the way everyone looks at it, envy is a terrible thing :D
I love the extra sunvisor in the middle (genius!)
I love looking back at it when I leave it in a car park, perhaps I'm a bit sad, but it a piece of timeless design, which gets better with age and never fails to make me smile.
I love the way every car manufacturer is now trying to make a car that matches the A2 specs!! 70mpg, 4 (or 5) seats, etc etc etc.
But mostly, I love the fact that my wife likes it so much she helps me wash it!

Happy days!

I've had mine 2 weeks and the thing I love best about it is the width! It makes my drive look big, and it is a pleasure to park in car parks and be able to open the door and get out!

I also love the high up driving position.


So many things to love.......

Two things stick out for me:

- the glass roof
- the fact that someone else paid just under £19,000 for it when new, I paid a lot less 4 years on!!

The engineering and quality show through, as do the big car features. It was also head of its time in terms of emissions and quality.:)