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Can the audi a2 by towed. Where is the towing point on the front?
Owned the car for 7 months and to be honest when i got it by desperation i hated it. Naw after what my and my little warier have been through this summer i love it and care for it like its my third child. More on that later maybe but for naw it needs to get to tye garge the alternater is nackerd and cant get there on its own magic


Tow point is behind the osf foglamp cover
screw in type which should be in boot with tool kit
Or if its a short drive just swap the battery for a known good one


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The towing point is behind the driver's side cover to the side of the lower grille (which the offside foglight sits in if your car has them). Your towing eye should be with the tools under the boot floor.