Transmission miss-shifts


I've had my clutch kit change 2 months ago, it was still the original one, gave in after 160k. See pic.
Searching for mobile mechanic was difficult, most straight said no, one said £700. I've managed to find "backyard mechanic", meaning no receipt, which all together cost £400.

It works all good and sound, clutch feels much lighter and the biting point is lower, only issue is the 2nd gear doesn't go as far as before, like around 80% of way. This has caused me a lot of miss-shifts, when I was thinking it's fully engaged, but actually wasn't.
I literally have to gently slam into 2nd gear to make sure it's engaged properly. I've miss-shifted more in the last 2 months than in the last 3 years.
(1)What could be the reason the 2nd gear movement is shorter?

The transmission fluid wasn't changed, it probably due now, so I plan to do that through the reverse switch, I guess I need a long tube and refill it from above, after draining completely. (2)Do I need new bolts or I can reuse the old ones?
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@Sylvester, would you be so kind to post the outcome/solution? Thanx in advance.
Sorry for the late reply, but eventually I'd found the issue, and it wasn't the linkage set up.

When I got the car back with the new clutch kit, somehow one of the thick earthing cables got in the way of the gear balancer, so every time I'd shifted, it held the shifter back a bit, causing miss-shifts, and slowly chewed on the cable as well. Thankfully others had pointed out that possibility before it had caused serious problems, so I've patched it up and moved it out of the way. Also the balancer bolt was very lose as well, so I'd tightened up too.
Its all better know, here what it looked before, even began rusting.Screenshot_2022-08-08-21-05-19.png