Undertray questions


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I was looking under the front of my relatively newishly acquired 75 TDi yesterday and clearly the engine under tray has parted company from it at some point with some damage to the bottom of the front bumper/valance part.

I've seen some old threads about replacing under trays but it might not be so easy as the locating holes in the plastic look fairy damaged.

Do I need to worry about this? It doesn't look too bad from the front so I don't think it's much of an issue cosmetically but presumably there are some implications to fuel consumption and keeping the engine nice and clean :)

I'm going to put it on ramps on the drive at the weekend (weather permitting) and take a good luck under it to check there is nothing too obvious wrong before I book it for an MOT.



If it was mine, being a bit of a perfectionist, I would probably replace it. There are plenty of these cars breaking and you could probably pick a up a bumper in decent condition in the same colour (I've just done the same with our front wing, less than £18 delivered!) and also an undertray.
Both are relatively easy to fit....unlike the wings!!

I don't think that it is crucial to have one fitted, but would think that it reduces engine noise a bit and also improves the aerodynamics with a small impact on mpg maybe.

Check the wishbones and brake pipes whilst you are under the car, they are both prone to rot especially with the age of these cars now. Plus bottom ball joints, track rod ends and the various rubber gaiters etc.