Uploading images...


Hi guys,

I can’t upload photos from me iPhone or the computer...

I was able to finally upload an image I saved to my iCloud folder then uploaded/posted...

Is there anyway you can increase the file size limit of uploads and then have server shrink image for website itself to whatever size you prefer?

I used Drupal to do this on my websites.... it makes it so much easier for people to participate

I’ve got a whole slew of posts I’d love to post but can’t because of this image upload problem...
Despite the recent disgraceful behaviour with photo bucket, my account has not been affected and i'm still using it to good effect. Using photo bucket has it's faults as it can be very slow, but i've worked out a way on their site to get round this. Are you on phtobucket? It's very easy to do just upload from your computer, just upload pic to photo bucket click on pic to get the url and copy and paste back into this forum.


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Alternatives to photonuclear would be Imgur or FlickR. I've used the latter for years (image quality is superior to PB) and they're both very easy to use. You can upload directly from your phone with each and get a copy paste link for posting on the forums.
Testing picture upload

These images were resized using the following:


medium and large options used.

IMG_1345 (Large).JPGIMG_1345 (Medium).JPG

Seems to work fine - Windows 7 PC.
Original image size 2Mb
Large image resize 264K
Medium image resize 143K