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A couple of club members with dead Webasto heaters have been investigating the possibility of having them fixed. Hopefully this thread will pull together all useful info to determine if repairs can be done by home mechanics or independent workshops rather than going to Audi.
One of the key items is the availability of spare parts. Its very likely the A2 unit is based on the Thermo Top E model but Webasto have no cross references to the Audi unit and cannot confirm this. I guess the only way round this is to take the Audi bits to a Webasto dealer for identification.
The glow pin burner unit seems to be a fairly common problem - see attached pics and post from richard. If the Webasto unit is suitable then its about half the cost of the replacement from Audi.

If the burner unit is replaced the CO2 level of the Webasto exhaust should be checked and adjusted if necessary (should be possible using VagCom) Limit is 9 - 12% CO2 by volume. Your friendly MOT test station may come in handy for the CO2 check

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Some service info for the Thermo Top C model which appears to use a similar burner unit. Its not specific to an A2 but data like glow pin resistance checking may be useful -

The cameltrophy link above no longer works but I've added this from a previous Webasto thread - a Webasto Thermo Top C Diesel Boiler.doc
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Is the Webasto unit a pre heater for the cabin?

At one point I was buying new glow plugs for Webasto cab night heaters, I'm wondering if they are similar / the same
... Is the Webasto unit a pre heater for the cabin? ...
It's the standard diesel-burning coolant heater installed onto the early cars (2002 and earlier, maybe?). It's not a pre-heater as standard because it doesn't include a coolant pump, but it does get the engine coolant up to operating temperature quickly, and hence the cabin will also heat up a lot quicker than otherwise.

In the later cars it was replaced by an electric air heater (which doesn't warm up the engine coolant).
Hi mrtutz,

The Webasto heater as standard in the A2 isn't a cabin heater (night heater) as used in trucks, it's an additional heater that warms the coolant when the engine is running.

The A2’s diesel engines are very efficient, and when outside temperatures drop it can take a substantial time for the coolant to rise to normal operating temperature of 90°c with engine heat alone. At ambient temperatures lower than 5°c, and when the coolant temperature is lower than 72°c, the Webasto works to help bring/keep the coolant temperature around the normal working range.

In colder climates the same heater is modified to run without the engine running, and a by-product of this is it can be used to pre-heat the cabin. This is achieved by fitting an in-line electric water pump to circulate the water in the cooling system, and various electronic sensors and switches that allow this function to be timed or turned on via a remote fob. The electronics can power up the climate control unit, and as the coolant heats, the cabin warms.

The glow pins that are used in the Webasto’s fitted to A2’s are specific to the Thermo top C and Z variants. As you’ll probably know, there are many manufacturers of such devices, and the specs vary accordingly.