What's the biggest item you transported in your A2 ?


Picking up a chest of drawers 160x90x50 later today and will attempt to fit it in/ strap down with boot open.

As per title what's the biggest item you ever managed to transport with your A2 ? Pics welcome!


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Had 4 16" wheels and tyres in yesterday with bags of room to spare (and without removing the rear seats or false floor). I reckon one could get 8 in. Anyone had more?
You and me both Alan - collected my TT wheels from @sciroccorrado yesterday :) Largest load in mine as yet, sure I'll find something else to go in soon ... anyway I'd agree, at least 8 should be possible.
Bathroom tiles and grout this bounced at the front when i went over any bumps.


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1 m3 of garden rubbish, back for another trip in this photo. The bags are really useful and turn the A2 into a van πŸ˜€


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In my first A2 I’d got the 2.36m flat packed IKEA wardrobes in it. Resting on the dash at the front all the way to the back on the top of the back seat with head rest removed and it all tied down. Massively impressed I could shut the boot lid too. 😁

Another time a washing machine which only got up to the window line with the rear seats out.

My current A2..... my kids car seats being the largest items. It will and will never have much more than that since I have a massive estate too. Whilst my A2 is a capable beauty queen, this one will never have to do any hard graft and be pampered!!!


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Mine gets used occasionally to collect unsold food from supermarkets for a local community fridge project. Rear seats, false floor and roller blind completely out, spare wheel in the rear passenger footwell, front passenger seat still available. I've had fourteen crates stacked in there, and there are still plenty of odd places to get bags of extra bit & pieces down the sides. It always amazes the shop worker who turns up with all the disposals just how much goes in there.


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One thing is what one can manage to get into that amazing car as a kind of "one time"happening....

For me it is as well the daily use and it's impressive capabilities as very functional... especially with backseats out.

No job since first lockdown so every day I take the same 1h trip to the area where we are building a cabin/2nd home. It's on an island so the last part of the trip is by boat. Quite a lot of equipment is needed... so then it's good to have an A2 ;)

- two set rain gear
- two set of high wiz working gear
- 5x 55pound bags with cement
- two life jackets
- two pair of PPE type of boots
- 110 feet of rope
- 2x 9inch angle grinders in boxes w discs
- 2x sds max drill/breakers in suitcase
- toolbox with 6 to 46mm tools
- first aid kit
- 6.5 gallon outboard engine gasolin tank
- 6 gallon diesel every second trip
- 4 Kw generator set
- ethanol storm kitchen set
- food for two days

It's not strange that I love that car... is it? πŸ‘



I suspect one critical part of the success is the fact that unlike so many cars out there in the past 20 years with aero-ish designs, the tailgate sensibly maximises the potential aperture to the accessible space rather than minimising it (thinking of my mate at Uni who couldn't get a relatively small fridge into his Ka because it simply wouldn't go through the barely-bigger-than-a-dustbin-lid tailgate and the similarly daft Volvo 3-door C30 - where I just opened the roof on my 2CV and lifted it in over the side!).


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Not a single item, but helped my sister move from near Amsterdam to Hamburg (ca 500km). Rear seats etc removed, filled from rear legrooms to the ceiling with stuff. Largest item in there was mirror 160x82 diagonally in the middle. Took a while to fill and then empty it afterwards :D. Some runs with furniture to recycle yard too beforehand.

For me it was 4800+km free round trip. For sister cheaper than sending all by packets or getting movers to do it, especially since i brought back 2 people and plane tickets would already cost more than my whole trip. 1.2 averaged slightly above 3,5l/100km (80mpg uk) for trip in winter...


Kids!! They really have absolutely no appreciation or understanding of the things we go through and do for them!!

My 18 Yr old lad will soon be leaving to start a degree apprenticeship with BAe. I have this vision of 3 x 18 year old lads, none of whom have ever cleaned a toilet, washed dishes etc doing a house share. Thinking biohazard and 'The Young Ones ' here....!!.

When we go up to visit, it'll be premier inn for us.

Anyway, I expect our A2 will be stuffed full for the move 🀣