Which Battery FSI 1.6 Petrol?

Hi there,

My battery will no longer hold a charge so it's about time for a replacement. I have a Petrol 1.6 FSI and wondered if anyone could recommend a good replacement (that also fits the compartment)?

Thanks in advance

Mike :)


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I had to change my battery about a year ago and I went for a Varta AGM Dynamic 096 Battery (E39).
This is more or less what was fitted originally, OEM if you will. It's a start stop double lifetime battery and it was free delivery (over £59.99)
It arrived next day delivery and I got it from this place;

JCB (just car batteries) http://www.justcarbatteries.co.uk/index.php/varta-car-batteries/varta-agm-dynamic-car-batteries/varta-agm-dynamic-096-battery-e39.html

Hope it helps, they're not the cheapest battery but I found these guys to be the cheapest online.


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