Wing mirror plastic facia


Can the plastic facia of the wing mirror be removed without taking the entire mirror unit off? I don’t fancy removing the door trim just to get the plastic trim off.

Thanks in advance.



The mirror glass unclips with a bit of care - you wind the mirror inwards as far as it will go, then insert a slightly-padded screwdriver into the gap at the outer edge of the mirror glass to help lever the plastic hooks on the back of the mirror glass off the support (that is attached to the adjuster motors). There are 4 pairs of hooks at 90 degree intervals, if you carefully get the first to disengage then the others can be persuaded step-wise. Being rough with it will snap them off. These are located about an inch inboard of the end of the glass, so you have to insert the screwdriver inwards until you can feel this, then gently lever against the mirror housing while using your fingertips to apply pressure on the mirror glass end, it should release with a bit of wiggling

although the image linked below is heated and non-original the location of the hooks is about right. With Audi original mirror glass the plastic support casing on the rear goes all the way to the end of the mirror glass in all directions rather than just being located in the middle so is actually considerably more robust than this is.


Darren C

Admin Team
When I do this, I also tend to tape the glass diagonally across or Union Jack style. This is only an extra precaution, as I once had the glass snap when I was prising it out with my fingers (not A2).

This YouTube clip shows the parts you are looking at, though personally to limit any damage, I'd follow @Robin_Cox advice above rather than using a bare tool.