Worn out Key Fob buttons?


From this


To this


In 2 minutes and for less than £2

Just prise out the old one (no need to dismantle the fob


and press in the new one (I use a smooth firm object (the side of a pencil or pen for example) just to get the last section pressed fully home.

Available on eBay


Steve B


I'd like to know this too.

I'm much more interested in OEM solutions, having had mixed success with BMW Keyfob repairs in the past.


Downside of ebaY ones is that the white symbols wear off within 6 months - my experience of them anyway. If OEMs still available I'd recommend paying the price premium for them.


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I have bought 15 from eBay and several are over 6 months old and holding up as well as OEM ones would.
They fit perfectly and you don't have to mess around by ordering them from the dealer and the going back when they are in (as I have to).

A couple of clicks and they arrive within a couple of days.

Even if the numbers did wear off after 6 months it is surely worth it. £2 ?????

But if you prefer the OEM it is still an easy way to improve things. It is surprising how much nicer it feels to have a new key pad.

If anyone finds out how much they are from the UK dealers including postage then please let me know because if it works out at a similar price and if you can order over the phone and have them delivered, then I too would opt for that route.

Steve B
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I recently sold my Passat but only had one key. So before I sold it, I ordered a new one from eBay seller ec-save. Complete with the RFID chip, remote electronics and a blank blade. My clumsy local locksmith ended up destroying the blade. After some research I ordered a cut blade from keys in the post. They cut the blade just from a photo. Flawless! After some ***** and ***** magic I got the remote and immobilizer working.
So what to read out of this? I recommend keys in the post and ec-save on eBay. I think I got quite good quality cheap.

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EBay item arrived today. Very easy to fit. Looks better then before. Mine was pretty worn out at 13 years


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Just ordered Steves eBay one for £1.87 delivered!
I think we can forget OEM on this occasion ;)

The eBay ones fit perfectly and the white print lasts as long as OEM.
So with 4 A2s in the household the eBay price difference was significant when you buy 8.

If these weren't OEM quality then they wouldn't fit as well as they do.

As I say it it just nice to have a fresh looking key for so little money and so easy to fit.
No disassembly at all just pick the old one out and press the new one in.
As I said use the side of a pencil or similar to get the last bit flush.

Steve B
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As you would expect there are varying quality for the replacement buttons available on ebay.

Inspecting the pictures closely I concluded some had the symbols painted on the surface of the rubber others looked as if they were painted into indented symbols so I purchased the slightly more expensive ones and am very pleased with the result. They look as though they will last longer than the 6 months experienced by other forum members.




I just checked the link I gave above.

I paid £4.38 for 2 inserts last week but the link is showing £12.19 each!

Either I have been very lucky or they have got the price wrong