1.4 petrol

  1. lavandism

    Removing the alternator with corroded bushings (1.4 AUA)

    Hello there, my alternator is stuck on rusted bushings (white arrow). Tapping the nut (grey arrow) with a hammer to push it out while bathing in wd40 did not really help. I am currently considering to get a proper rust removing penetrating oil, but I wonder if that will do any difference...
  2. A

    1.4 AUA / BBY Tap Tick Rattle Knock

    Noisy 1.4 petrols has been mentioned a few times, and I don’t think there has really been a clear guide to diagnose and fixing the various issues that can cause this (at least not all in one place) So I thought I could add what I know, and maybe some of the other experienced members of the...
  3. esayem

    A2 Project MMII

    Introduction: Hi all, I’m starting a thread here to document progress in restoring and upgrading my first A2, the details of which are as follows: Engine 1.4 Petrol (BBY) Year of manufacture 2002 (hence the project name) Mileage at purchase 71,000 Colour Cobalt Blue (LZ5Q) Spec SE...
  4. E

    Normal intake manifold pressure AUA Engine???

    Hi @here. I got a cold shower this morning as i went to start my AUA Engine A2, (which was under heavy rain during night), and it wont start. I managed to start it cranking for extended time and engine light came on. Car was running very rough, and revving it made it worse. I found a bit of...
  5. E

    AUA 1.4 Random misfire

    Hi all, my 2001 aua engine randomly misfires in all 4 cylinders, and occasionally the rev counter fluctuates rapidly and the car seems to choke. Any advice??
  6. E

    A new milestone for my A2

    Hi all, after 469km on a single trip my A2 reached another milestone.
  7. E

    Major service to my 1.4 Petrol 2001

    Hello friends, my A2 i due for a major service this weekend. -New Luk clutch -New Cam belt and water pump -Cabin filter -Oil, air and petrol filter. -Castrol 10w40 oil. Any stuff that i should check during the time the car is open for the service? Thank you for all the advice's in the forum.
  8. S

    Tuning the petrol 1.4?

    Hi everyone After musing on buying a petrol 1.4 does anyone have experience of tuning it? I don't think this has been recently answered and I would like to know if anyone has done this and can recommend it to improve the driveability of their A2. I've looked at chipping and gains seem to...
  9. L

    Another new A2 owner.

    Hi all, after 4 years driving a Peugeot 407 and an impending bill on the horizon of £2400!! I decided it was time for a change of car, and fancied something much smaller and more individual. I viewed a couple of A2's this afternoon and purchased a 2001 1.4SE. Obviously, given its age it's a...