600 miles on one tank

Drove from north devon to liverpool on saturday to view a few houses, painfully s
tuck to 60 mph there and back, fuel light came on tuesday has anyone gone further on one tank


Hi. That's great. What tdi A2 do you have? And what size fuel tank?
Do you have cruise control?
Thanks Steve


Assuming that you will have an 7-8 litre reserve that is pretty impressive. By my calculations 77-80mpg.
Apologies was using us gallons
1 litre = us gallon = 0.264172
1 litre = uk gallon 0.219969
Have recalculated
42-7=35, 35*0.219969=7.69892, 600/7.69892= 77.933 mpg
42-8=34, 34*0.219969= 7.47895
600/7.47895= 80.225mpg
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Hi ,

I normally manage to get mid 600s from a tank , which is working out to around 70-75 mpg , however , the car has the myp 6 speed gear box, plus a range of the 1.2 TDI drag reducing mods , the winglets , Exhaust cover , and air dam , along with a re-map and EGR delete

It’s normally just me in the car , with the cc set to 58 mpg hiding behind a large hgv .....