a scratch too far...

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Hi all

On a recent visit to B&Q to get some wood, I had a little accident on the way home.

Some grandad in a big Merc made me brake sharpish... result my not so well secured wood and plasterboard shot off the roofbars (in a comical moment) and leaving 3 scratches on the bonnet (thankfully no dents).

I have tried colourmagic polish malarkey, but it's not cutting the mustard... can any please advise how I might get these scratches out, before I get a black eye from the boss?

Hi all

Swop the bonnet one night at your friendly (and closed) Audi dealer.....

Seriously, if you can't cover the marks up, I wonder how much a new bonnet would be, or to respray the exisitng one-you could leave it at the body shop and pick it up later!.

Sorry, not much help!.

Steve - 2002 1.4SE petrol, Silver, black/black interior, Then an identical replacement 2003 A2. Now a Toyota Corolla 1.6 T-Spirit
Ive recently swithced to meguiars products for my paintcare/detailing. They have something called ScratchX which polishes out swirls marks. If it is down to primer a cheap solution maybe to buy one of those 3 pen touch up kits from halfords. Build up the paint and then cut/polish out the excess using some light cutting compund/polish such as autoglym super resin polish or meguiars stage 2 polish or polish/wax. Have a look at www.extremecarcare.co.uk. (The guy that runs it is an audi fanatic)
It will "only" cost about £200 to have it professionally re-painted back to perfection.

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