A2 misted headlight fix.

The process I used to fix this i used sandpaper grits 800 1,250 and 3,000 with water and then polished with G3 cutting compound and then buffed and polished with autoglm.

I next sanded with 800 grit to get rid off all small chips and rubbish.

At this point you use grit 1,250 until it looks less opaque. Then 3,000.

Then it should look like this. Next step cutting compound and polish.

Don't make the mistake i did and forget to remove the plastic trim. If you do that it will help afterwards.

All polished and Done.


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As long as the internal cover hasn’t deteriorated/hazed then this is a great way to refurbish them. I’d suggest giving them a coat of laquer as well for longevity


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Ideally 2K car lacquer but it need applying at about the 1200 grit stage as it needs a key and after polishing with G3 there is little key left
The purpose of the 2K lacquer is to prevent the UV light from clouding the plastic ‘glass’
Normal lacquer will work big is not as good as 2K. (It’s also a lot less work as the lacquer provides the shine)


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is 2K laquer available in a can or is it for a compressor only? Does it really cover 1200 ok Paul, that's quite rough.
I've used laquer before but the issue is once you get a stone ship water gets inside and it flakes off and looks terrible. I've found this is the best way and as long as you regularly clean your car you'll be fine.


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It is not the cleaning, it is the UV light that rapidly re-yellows the now pristine "glass". You can buy a special UV sealer to prevent this problem or at least delay it longer.
Something like this..