A2OC line badge positioning

@AlvaroP No not at all, just warmed up the badges with a heat gun - carefully to soften the glue and used some dental floss to "saw" the badges off. Glue residue came off with IPA and a bit rubbing. No sanding or respray required.
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Done..... Nice badge......
Those wheels must be fitted to the car for the majority of the time with the Swedish weather. Do you run studded tyres?
No studs, friction tires, the Nordic variant is what I use on our cars. They have become really good and do the job in the Stockholm traffic. But they are not good on a warm summer day as the rubber compound is to soft.
There are a few streets, downtown Stockholm, where studs are forbidden.

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I have always maintained that you could put a really nice A2 in an Audi showroom and convince people that it was a new model.

you could list all the standard options, the MPG etc and I am convinced that people would think it is a new model.

it is a pity that we don’t have a friendly Audi dealer that would be “up for it”.

Steve B
When the neighbour dented the rear door due strong wind grabbed the door of his hand, he was worried of the cost as he said "and it's a new car, right?" Sure why not :)