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Have you seen any A2s near you recently? Do you wonder whether their owner knows about the A2OC? Would you like a way of advertising the A2OC?

Help us grow our community with one of our A2OC Pocket Flyers. The attached A4 page can be printed off and cut into 10 business-card sized Pocket Flyers. If you see an A2 that isn't sporting one of our Window Stickers - simply pop a Pocket Flyer under the windscreen wiper. Write your A2OC username on the back so that the owner knows who spotted them.

The attached file is an Adobe PDF 5 document. It should print equally well in black and white or colour. The cards are ideally printed onto 120gsm or heavier A4 paper or card. Please take care when cutting the flyers.

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Look out for our forthcoming "Pocket Flyer Appearances" section where we'll keep a track of who has received an A2OC Pocket Flyer and which of our members is responsible. There will be prizes for the most productive member.



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