Alarm error code 01403

Has anyone come across the error code 01403 in relation to a faulty alarm on an A2?

I had a track rod end and poly V-Belt replaced a few weeks back on my A2 TDi and since then the alarm has been playing up and going off sporadically (appreciate that this maybe just a coincidence). The first garage I took the car to told me that my alarm was sounding because the car had been elevated when the track rod end was being replaced and the car thought it was being stolen. They re-set the alarm system and suggested that this would do the trick but a few weeks later the problem returned. I have since taken the car into a VAG specialist and apparently the error code 01403 or Rear Break Glass Sensors is the issue with the alarm. However, the garage also mentioned that when they contacted VAG to find out about a replacement rear break glass sensor, such a part doesn't appear to exist! They are looking into this in detail at the moment but I just wanted to check whether anyone here has come across error code 01403 and knows anything about rectifying this problem?

Any assistance much appreciated as the alarm is bl**dy annoying at the moment and I am told there is no way to disable it....incidentally, the interior switch next to the fuel cap release button which disables the interior alarm sensor also appears to be faulty at the moment if that adds anything to the diagnosis.




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that's the exact same problem I had with the alarm. I have VCDS so I can check the fault code right after alarm went off, clear the codes and check again when it goes off; something difficult for a garage when it is random. Anyway, VCDS reported glass break sensor was triggered setting off the alarm siren. I removed the tail gate trims and found nothing. That was compounded with apparent decay or dying of the internal battery inside the siren unit _sometimes_ causing 4 beeps at start. Even worse, at around the same time it was very very cold and suddenly I had electrical issues with the car cutting out when under heavy steering at low engine speed. I replaced the main car battery as cutting out was marginally more dreadful than random alarm in the middle of the night! Then I noticed the alarm wasn't going off anymore. No more 4 beeps at start. In fact, it has been a few years and I have not fixed any siren unit nor glass break sensor and not a single random alarm nor beeps!

Check the battery voltage first. I have no proof they are related, but I've described my version of events and it seems to me they are somehow electrically affecting each other.
Thanks very much for your response. I have checked the battery and it seems to be in perfect working order so I am stumped again - any other ideas? I am still waiting to hear from the VAG specialist, in fact the only thing new since I posted last is that the alarm will now sometimes be triggered but without the siren going off i.e. just flashing least its not as disturbing to my sleep! I am beginning to consider taking the car to a dealer to see if they can fix it.....

Thanks again for your help.