anti-shudder valve


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Where do I start??

On my first A2 2005 55 plate TD I75, I had a remap by stealth and was and still happy with the here is a question. I recently bought another TDI 75, 2005 05 plate slightly diff spec inside with single din and lights over the sun visors but as far as I can see thats about the only diff.

BUT..................The 05 plate blue one does not suffer the same shudder as the silver one (55 plate)

I cannot remember if the silver one suffered from shudder before the remap but I find the blue one much more relaxing to drive and can put it into 5 gear at 35ish with little judder , if I did that with the silver one, 55 plate it almosts stalls and I have to change down a gear, even two if on a corner say.

Having read the excellent thread started by Paul (Depronman) and the mention by Timmus about anti judder valves, Im wondering if the map has something to do with the judder effect on the 55 plate A2?

Millage on the 55 plate with regular services 78,576.
Millage on the 05 plate with service history, last being 8 months ago, 104787. In other words, would the map make any difference?

Both cars run like a dream and are great on fuel.


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The anti shudder valve only activates when you switch off - has no effect whilst driving.



Id imagine its all down to the fueling at certain rpm's due to its was remapped, imagine there a little on the low side, my old map on my tdi would only judder when it got to about 900 rpm in 5th and would still pull from there and accelerate.. you may even find your new A2 is remapped aswell, if been testing various maps recently and they all drive differently, some made the engine run sweetly , some made it sound off like a petrol engine pinking , one had an insaine power band which kicked in around 2200 with made the clutch slip like a ******, ,,, basically its all down to how there mapped and fuelled ...