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After changing the thermostat and coolant temp sensor I need to refill the coolant.
I know that when the cam belt and water pump was changed I think he put G12 in but could be wrong and used G13.
Anyway, I found this on Amazon.
Its G12 as you can see and seems a good price, would it be ok to top up the system with this G12 even if he put G13 in

Incidentally, it states this on the page...................(This does not fit your:Audi A2 Hatchback 1.4 TDI
which seems a bit strange considering Its G12 and the A2 is amongsts the long list in the advert.


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😂, yes I know that 😂
I was just wondering if it can be mixed with G13 that is probably in the system.
Incidently, I've now found out it will be fine to mix, thank you for all your help 😂


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As I said in the "other place" John I would just go for the ECP supplied ready mix solution and top up direct. It does the job just fine and its much cheaper. :)


I also need to know if G12 and G13 are compatible and ok to mix.
I've just had to put half a litre of plain water into my expansion tank.... bringing it almost up to the minimum line. The warnings came up and when I looked under the bonnet found the tank really low, so thought I'd better put some water in... rather than nothing at all... and preserve the ratio by adding 0.2 litres of concentrate when I can get hold of some, in a few days.
I can get plenty of premix G12 but not concentrate. But G13 is available as a concentrate.
Will G13 be OK?