Audis In the Park 2021 - Sunday 8th August 2021 meeting details now up!

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Event date: Sunday 2021-08-08
Registration ends: Saturday 2021-07-31
# Username Guest count Note
1 Teresa Teresa 2  
2 Proghound Proghound 1  
3 QuattroA2 QuattroA2 1 Thank you for organising Teresa.
4 PlasticMac PlasticMac 2 AITP booked, and Holiday Inn. Fingers crossed... Mac.
5 Cenick Cenick 2  
6 S simon martyn 1 Looking forward to it.
7 Mka306 Mka306 2 Myself and my good lady will attend
8 Jellybean Jellybean 2 Booked.
9 den's a2 den's a2 2  
10 drewroberts drewroberts 1 Ticket ordered fingers crossed the weather is nice.
11 Chris93 Chris93 2  
12 Erlingtheyounger Erlingtheyounger 4 A tentative yes if I’m not too late? Ideally I’d like to come in Tonka and my father come in his 1.2
13 wilco184 wilco184 3  
14 D Darren C 3 Added for Tom @timmus - 3 guests / 2 blue colour storms


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Morning all,

Fabulous turn out everyone.

Always nice to see plenty of A2s photographed together. Shame about the weather but I’m sure it’ll still be an absolutely cracking day out.

I’ve not attended this show yet, maybe next year though.

Enjoy the day mingling and discussing everything A2.

Kind regards,

So great to be back out with A2OC again. Thank you to everyone who came. Great to see old and new members, plus not two, but three blue colour storms!
Lovely to meet Max the dog (and his fabulous humans).
Ian (Proghound) and I were both interviewed and photographed by the Audi digital magazine, so that will be interesting to see when it's published (am pretty certain Ian has modelled before - he was very much a natural ?)
Finally a huge thank you to Sheila for helping pack up the marquee (see picture below ?)
Thank you everyone - I hope you all got home safely T x
Ps - it was telling me the pictures were too big, so I compressed them. If you click on them, you can see the clear one


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A great day out despite the few showers. So many beautiful people in their equally beautiful and pampered Audi’s in some amazing colours. Didn’t have enough time to see them all. But here are a few of my favourites. Nice to meet you all and see your A2’s.


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We arrived home at 20:10 this evening and with a little slow moving traffic on the start of the M42 the rest of the journey was plain sailing, thank god!!
Both myself and Angie thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, Max was spoilt by all and we are so grateful to you for that.
I think with A2OC it is not just about attending and enjoying the car shows it's also the enjoyment of meeting up with other members which makes it quite special. I can't wait for the next get together.
Angie will be downloading the pictures she has taken and I will upload them as soon as she's done.
Thanks again to all you wonderful A2 nuts, you made this weekend for all 3 of us, so glad we are part of the A2OC family?
Some more shots from yesterday. Don't think I've ever seen three blue Storms in one place before, which out of 16 A2's on the day is quite an achievement. Welcome to Keith from Chipping Norton, owner of the one on the 17" wheels, if he reads this. Hope you do sign up a forum account and join us again at future events ?








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Hi, I took many pictures of the A2's at AITP yesterday. I've had to compress them to upload here and some of the quality has been lost. I hope you like them. I've tried to get all the cars as a group and on their own as best I can. I'm only a beginner so they're not professional quality but I hope you all like them.


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