Best Full Size Tyre for Spare Wheel


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I have a small issue on which I would like to pick the brains of my fellow A2 enthousiasts. I currently have 175/60R15 Michelin Cross Climates on steel rims on my A2. Since a few weeks I am the proud owner of a 15" alloy (thank you once again @slumdog :) ) which has the wrong size tyre on which I am looking to change over.

My first option would be to put a Cross Climate on, but these are directional tyres so in case I would need it, I have a 50% that the tyre will be roling in the wrong direction. Also, there is their rather high price. On the other hand, if the puncture cannot be repaired, I don't need to buy a new tire as I can just swap the spare one over to the steel rim of the punctured tyre.

I could also go for a cheaper all season tyre, but as far as I know in that particular size they are all directional.

A third option is to buy a decent radial summer tyre as a spare. It will never cause an issue in terms of the rotation direction, but it is of course not ideal to drive it along with three all season tyres. Then again, I would always try to limit the time I have to use this spare tire and have the original one fixed (or replaced) as quickly as possible.

All comments and feedback are welcome :)

Many thanks in advance


I would simply fit anything cheap and cheerful as it's only needed to get you home so anything the rolls would do for me (in the correct size mind)


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Thanks, but I will be using the car for longer trips in the near future, where 'taking me home' will take several hundreds of miles.


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The best size spare is the same as the other 4 tyres/rims so that when you do have to use the spare your ride and handling won't be compromised.

Best Standard Sizes
165/65R15 fitted to 5Jx15 ET28 rims
175/60R15 fitted to 5.5Jx15 ET34 rims

Best Non-Standard Sizes
165/70R14 or 175/65R14 or 185/65R14 fitted to 5Jx14 ET35 rims


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I would fit a new budget (but not Chinese) summer 175/60/15.

It will do for emergencies until you can get the puncture repaired. Unlikely you’ll ever need it I think.

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I have a set of summer tyres and a set of winter tyres. I just put one of the set I am not using into the car. You can often get an entirely functional set secondhand for very little.