Carbuyer A2 article: Top 3 used small quirky cars for £7,500


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Positive review from Sep 2019. Don't get too excited about the £7,500 headline. For the A2 they say " Today, less than £4,000 can get you an immaculate example. "

Nice to have the A2 as one of just 3 vehicles chosen. The others were Honda Insight and Toyota iQ. Unfortunately these two cars were priced at £7,500 s/h.

Must say that title is quite well deserved?

Having five of them... I will never be seen as "neutral" either.. nor would I like to be "neutral".... because I am a Great fan... amongst other fans ??? and I like it ?

.. I get worm inside when I See the EV 2011
...I get exited when I see the 2022

Brilliant digging @Alan_uk ?