ESP and ABS fault lights - Yaw rate sensor

I'm getting repeated (though intermittent) occurrences of the ABS warning lights and the 3 warning beeps. VCDS reports it's the yaw rate sensor G202. Mine is an early model (Y reg TDi) so I assume it will have separate G200 & G202 sensors.

However, I'm having real problems removing the footrest and side panel in the drivers footwell. The only apparent hole for a screw for the footrest is hidden behind the clutch pedal and on closer inspection a) there's no screw in it and b) there's nowhere for a screw to go anyway, as the hole laying over what looks like a flat aluminium sheet - no sign of a hole for a screw. I can't see any obvious means of removing the footrest. I won't slide up in the manner that @spike describes

I've just tried unclipping the footwell side panel, with the driver's seat slid full back and the carpet pulled out from under the bottom edge. Starting from the corner nearest the seat runner, I've been gently (very gently) prising the panel away. I felt 3 clips release, then as I tried to work up the vertical edge of the panel towards the gearshift, the panel cracked :mad:.

Can anyone that's done this before please list the exact method of removal for these panels?
You can remove the sensors from the passenger side, remove the screw cap, remove the screw in the side panel, pull panel off by pulling from underneath it, remove sponge and see the sensors secured with 2x 10mm nuts. its a lot easier to remove from passenger side as theres a clearer path without steering wheel and pedals limiting the space
Many thanks. I'll give that a go. Any tips on getting the clips to release from the main centre tunnel moulding without cracking the panel? Searching on the web, it looks like there are 4 semi-captive metal clips in a square pattern towards the back end of the panel, then a single screw towards the front end with a large tab along the top edge that tucks under the dashboard moulding?

I still can't get the footrest to shift. Looks as though someone's been here before me and pretty much jammed it back into place.
Like I say I always get to these sensors from the passenger side, I don't know why you'd want to go through extra work and hassle to try to get to them from drivers side. If your having trouble with removing panel, lift carpet up and you should just about be able to get finger under the panel and pull it outwards and it'll unclip. I've never had one that broke yet. The foot rest can be fiddly but after removing the panel and the screw it'll slide off with a bit of fiddling.
That is so, so, SO much easier than going in from the driver's side! Now I've got the part number from the yaw rate sensor - is it worth paying for a 'refurbished' one with a 12 month warranty form ebay, or just chance my luck with a second hand one?

When I change the sensor over, do I have to disconnect the battery first?

Like I said, I think someone has been at the driver's side before me. There's no screw in the footrest and no screw hole visible when I look through the hole - just a flat aluminium panel. I can't make the footrest budge, up, down, in or out, so I think it's somehow been jammed in place. I'm tempted to try to free it off and sort things out. I'll have to get the footrest off to be able to replace the panel I've cracked. I'm using plastic trim removal tools but there's very little to get purchase on the footrest. I can see that levering it away square to the 'footrest' surface of the moulding is not a good idea.
I'd be doubtful about a 'refurbished' they will likely clean it and just say that. PM me your part number and I'll see if I gave one left in stock for sale.
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Hi There, looking for this part for my little one. Fault code 01542 just come up. Any more ideas? Thanks Gints

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Thanks for all the advice listed here. The family and I have tolerated the increasingly persistent ABS bleeps and hazard warning for over a year now, but having had @Kleynie make a confident diagnosis that it was the YAW sensor (after he successfully repaired/upgraded my Open Sky Sunroof), I embarked on dismantling as instructed on this thread and plumped for a £69.99 ex TT YAW sensor from eBay. So far so good, all quiet on the western front and the trim has gone back in one piece. The wisdom on this forum is invaluable and makes owning an A2 a much more confident and satisfying experience than I ever expected. (So much so that I'm selling my 1975 Austin Maxi after 11 years ownership, another misunderstood futuristic spacious little classic with a good friendly network of helpful owners).

Adding some more photos to this thread, which I have found extremely useful this afternoon while changing a G202 (the big one). @DarrenM’s manual with @spike notes (💔) is rather exhaustive.

The assembly of G200/G202 is hidden under the console, loads of dense protective foam and gear cables passing on the right side, that can make an extraction a tad tricky.

I detached both footwell panels to have an easier access to all the nuts (4) holding the assembly together, as I did not want to disturb a 24 y/o foam and deal with gear cables housing. Footwell panel is held by 4 clips closer to the seat, two on top and to below. After undoing the clips, I found it most comfortable to first slid it down under the dashboard and then pull it out in between the gearstick console and seat rail.

Nuts are a bit hidden, but I still managed to undo them with a 1/2 ratchet and a 10mm socket. A 1/4 setup would probably be thinner hence better (I don’t have it), and I have had no success with spanners.

As already noted in this thread, assembly is stuck on a line of black “bitumen” under it. Follow spike’s advice and pry the assembly with a screwdriver. (The fracture surface of the adhesive is rather beautiful. I have an access to the FTIR spectrometer and will do a test just to see what kind of a material is that).

Plastic G202 cover is held by the little screw, sensor itself is hold in the bracket by two 10mm nuts.

Space restrictions and nut access made it a circa 2 hour job for an unexperienced mechanic like me.


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