excellent youtube video on changing springs


I watched these videos today - to prep for a couple of jobs that I have to do on my A2). This chap is really good , English is not his first language - but his english is excellent , he works on his own - doing the camera, and works without a manual - and his video on changing the front coils was fantastic. - I stuggle just to do the job, neithermind talking in a second language and worrying about a camera angle while juggling tools

I've downloaded so that I have it for reference.

Sir - if you are on this forum - thank you , thank you , thank you

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He's no longer on here or the main A2 FB group. I realise he gets the job done, but we can't recommend some of the unsafe working practices that have been seen in some of his previous videos.

With that said, it you are keen to find out more, while we won't link it from here, look up NoExpert on the 'Tube.