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Good morning, Our 1.4tdi 75 has the engine management light on code P2108? our cheap reader seems unable to clear it? the car seems to run fine but obviously something is amiss, what should i be looking for? regards Simon
Are you sure you have a 75?
The fault code is for electronic throttle body but afaik only found on the 90?

Ignor me i see the BHC has one (was thinking of my AMF)
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I corrected my earlier comment it appears the later BHC engine (75) has one, sorry i was thinking of my earlier AMF (75)
Hi there, yes drum brakes at rear,and is one of the later ones, Throttle bodies on ebay vary a lot in price one about £63 with 2 year warranty,has anyone tried one of those? regards Simon.
Might be cheaper to get a remapped AMF ecu and do away with it (if thats a viable option, boffins on here could tell you more!)
The anti shudder valve on the BHC engine is the only real weak point. You can try a used item, but you can get a new replacement from VDO on eBay for about £170.

A broken one will get worse to the point where it’s jamming half way and affecting throttle response due to a lack of air supply.
the ASV responds well to a good clean
the inerant problem is that the ecu monitors the movement of the flap and is over jelouse on the tolerance for errors
It was loke this from new on both the BHC and ALT engines

I have a fix for this via a modification to the firmware

PM if interested

Have just taken it off, given it a good clean and it is now fine!! Many thanks to everyone who responded! Regards Simon.
Generally it is oil getting past the shaft seal in the ASV that ends up in the actuator motor either making it slow to react or completely full of oil. Cleaning out the oil completely from the internals of the "box" usually revives the unit but does not stop more oil from entering. It may take months or years for it to be contaminated enough again to produce the intermittent or permanent error. So plan to reclean the electronics out either on a scheduled basis or wait until the fault causes problems. You will need to remove the ( cabin fresh air inlet only if you feel not enough access to the ASV ) and the air feed pipe to the ASV as a minimum for access. Once that is out of the way the ASV can be removed from the car so that you have a clear view of everything and will make it easier to clean out the oil completely.

This wonderful guide with pictures shows what to expect inside the ASV electronic box....

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