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Sorry to bother you again with a flywheel question.
When removing a gearbox from an ATL a SMF was found fitted.
The flywheel is from a 1.6tdi engine and is capable to take a 228 clutch plate.
I was planning to fit a AMF flywheel, capable to take a 215 clutch plate.

Now this 1.6 flywheel has the "added" weight, just like the AMF flywheel, but without the cut out/scallop.
AMF weight is 9.7kg, 1.6 flywheel us 9.5kg.
I'm confused and planning to fit the AMF, as is correct for a 3 pot, but would think this 1.6tdi flywheel comes pretty close to the original and has the advantage of being capable, as said, a 228mm clutch plate, which would be nice in combo ATL and PTW 6 speed box......



It’s not just the eight of the flywheel but where the weight is distributed in the flywheel
My understanding is that the 3 cylinder engine uses the flywheel and front pulley and a balance shaft to achieve a smooth running engine. If you fit any flywheel designed for a 4 cylinder engine then you remove one of the three elements used to bring the 3 cylinder engine into balance


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I take it the one with the huge cut out is for our 3cyl cars? If so, that's amazing: the stresses on the very end (both ends actually) of the crank must be huge, even with the balance shaft and crank configuration.


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As I allready started my first word; sorry!
I'm curious and I just put in an AMF flywheel and clutch.
I came to this decision thanks to JIGSAW, who's not active anymore on A2OC, but is a very clever man and posting on the German forum.

@RAB FYI, I'm not a guy that's gonna complain if something goes ugly. Just roll up my sleeves and get on with it.
If nobody is pioneering or trying something different, nothing will ever be found out.
I'm a little bit dissapointed by your reaction, it feels patronizing, but it's not your fault, just my feeling.

Oh well, I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine and the rest of the evening finding interesting posts.....

Moderators; This thread may be closed. Thanx for your time and space.
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@spike had a real good posting with a perfect explanation about the "cut out"...... In fact it wasn't a cut out, but an "adding" of Weight to the 3 pot flywheels. The cut out is also there to be able to reach the bolts for the sump, if the sump needs to be removed.
There was another thread about a SMF flywheel, but this particular flywheel was a 1.9 tdi one and much lighter.
I was very confused when my ATL revealed an allready SMF, with the almost same shape and almost identical Weight as an AMF flywheel, but without the scallop. In fact it's a tad slimmer, so bolts of sump can just be reached.

It's a shame the installer of this SMF forgot to remove the spacer between gearbox and engine, because of this the clutch wasn't able to release fully, the slave cilinder has not enough reach.
For info: a DMF is fatter and requires the spacer.

To be clear; for now I will continue with an SMF and will be using an AMF flywheel, as found to be usable by JIGSAW/German forum.


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Please let us know how you get on @Menno

Always good to see nee things being done.

Thanx Steve!
Today I finished the gearbox installation, so far it is; A tdi90/ATL in combination with AMF/SMF including clutch and PTW gearbox including the starter motor.

The A2 is starting fine, idle is good without any vibrations.
For the moment I only did an up and down drive on my street; the car is suspended for road use at the moment, so no road tax (€80,- a month!) nor insurance or MOT has to be paid for and the car has to be parked/stored at private grounds.
When the car is ready (planning for timing Set and oil pump chain/tensioner now) I'll see if I can make a video clip, as per "an alternative MZN gearbox topic" to share sounds and "shaking" bits.... 😊.
Some pics can be found on the Dutch forum:

After some more browsing on the net I found that the SMF of a 1.2tdi (3 cilinder engine) as found in Polo's/Fabia's/Ibiza's is looking the same as a 1.6 flywheel, but P/N are different.
The 1.2tdi flywheel doesn't have the cut out/scallop as the 1.4tdi, then again, maybe it can be lighter because of less displacement, but more interesting it's capable of a 228mm clutch plate.
This means more evenings on the net to search how what why for me.........I apologize to my missus 😉
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Just comparing the crankshaft pictures in 7zap, the later 1.2 tdi crank has counterweights on the centre journal while the A2 crank does not.

The unique A2 tdi flywheel and front crankshaft damper design uses the 'offset' material to compensate for the lack of those counterweights on the central crank journal of the old 3 cyl engine

That suggests the newer 1.2 engine design can use a 'standard' flywheel simply because the crank has been re-designed to suit.

crankshaft; balancer shaft; conrod; bearings - Audi A2(A2) [EUROPA 2003 year] (

crankshaft; conrod; bearings; balancer shaft - Polo/Derby/Vento-IND(PO) [EUROPA 2009 year] (

Cheers Spike