Fuel filter cover repair - photos instructions needed.


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The cover on our TDI fell off - happened mid journey so had no choice but to rip it off completely.

Does anyone have pictures of their repair bodge ? only the middle screw hole is still useable on ours the other fixing points are broken off.

Was thinking of using a big washer in the middle and then make extra holes and cable ties on the side ?

Looking for a cheap repair I'm fully aware I could just buy a replacement and bolts.


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Filter cover??? If you are on about the heatshield then why not refit it with big washers at the damaged locations? Think i would rather do that that tie wraps as could well rattle and beat itself to death or damage the filter and or fuel pipes. You could just leave it off the car temporarily until you can either repair the mounts or work out if washers would work.


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A more permanent fix for the tdi fuel filter shield covered here -

Cheers Spike


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Thanks, that's way too professional looking for me but I'll have a go on the weekend.