Germany stamp on my service book.


Hi just a quick query I have a y reg 2001 audi a2 on the service book it has a Germany stamp in the delivery inspection area, warranty entitlement record and the owners address area, but the owners section is a uk address. All the other service is england service was just wondering if it is a Germany imported car and if so if thats better or not now nearly 20years later? Also if anyone else has this in theres on the 1999-2001 models. Just thought it was a bit strange as it is 2001 model so not one of the first ones in the uk.

Any thoughts would be great thankyou.


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Not unheard of, not just the A2.

There was a period about then when it was significantly cheaper by several thousand pounds to order a new car in some parts of Europe to UK spec and simply drive it back. I remember Belgium was mentioned in the the press about this, makes sense dealers probably spoke English and a short drive to the ferry.

Another example cited which may be your case is service personnel (or other I suppose) returning long term to the UK after being stationed in Germany. Again makes sense, cheaper, provides transport home for the family and having a car back in the UK from the onset without the the hassle of buying one once home.

Could very well have been a British Forces car sale. I had several comrades do this during the 80s. The returning military would have driven the right hand drive car for up to 3 months in Germany before returning to the UK with it. This would explain both a German dealer stamp and rhd vehicle. Initially these cars were given special number plates that identified them as British Forces, but after a series of deadly bombings they were usually dual registered both with UK number plates that they had to fit of the ferry back to the UK and plates for the country they were in, France, Spain, Germany etc. Most other imports were Euro spec vehicles. Unfortunately with the demise of UK bases overseas this practice has all but disappeared.
As Audifan has said that’s spot on as I was indeed one of the many soldiers based in the BAOR I bought a few cars tax free and came back over to the uk with them??
Yes, anyone could do it. I bought a Seat Toledo in 2000 for £10k when they were £16k in the UK. I drove it back from Belgium and registered it in the UK the next day. Back then there was €2 Euro to the pound!
Ps. It was also a brilliant car.
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