H7 Bulb Retainer Clip.


Admin Team
Wondering if anyone got a couple of the spring clips that hold the H7 dipped beam bulb in place please?
Hi Mac, although I do not have any spares you could go to your local Audi dealer and pretty sure they are the same through out the model range. Would not be surprised if the whole VAG group uses the same spring clips.

Have you lost them while changing the bulb? May have dropped into the headlight or down towards the undertray. Another reason to remove the headlights when changing bulbs.
Thanks all. Not lost them, I'm converting the main beam, in the TT to led. The main beam is held in place by a plastic moulding, that also houses the side light. The led bulb is not compatible with the plastic, but is with the clip, which is not used. Bit of a fiddle, but other than the clip, I'm there.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'd thought it wouldn't be so as a separate part, so it's off to Audi Basingstoke! 👍