Hello from Sunny Aberdeenshire


Hello All A2OC Members

I found myself here when google strangely put up a list of interesting images of tuned A2s, so my recent time has been spent on here reading through many really interesting posts, so i decided to join & thought i would say a big Hello.

First off, as i live in Scotland is there a map or directory of member locations so i can see whom or if any one lives near by?

So by writing this post & introducing myself i thought there would be no better place in starting my journey to find my A2 plus it might help me to decide what I want along the way?

Ok, so over the past many years of buying vehicles i've generally ended up with a white sporty number, lowered with dark wheels of a slightly larger size (nothing to crazy) a dark interior & good sound system. So do A2's actually come in white?

Secondly if i was asked what spec i would be looking for in an A2 as the above might not be exactly available, then i would note the following

diesel preferred over petrol but not a deal breaker
white, silver or black but to be honest most audi colours polished up look good again not a deal breaker
mileage doesn't scare me but it needs to have been looked after & have history.
love leather Interior but not imperative, but i do prefer dark interior.
also like the sky pan roof too, even if it doesn't work!

My budget is a little light circ £1000, as i already have a daily!
So if you have a A2 you wish to sell or thinking about, let me know - PM or just a simple reply would be great.

Kind regards


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Firstly welcome along to THE club from an Aberdonian, alas now honorary Welsh. There are indeed several members north of the border, but no map as such. When members join they are encouraged to put their location as something meaningful, not all do so you may come across "up north" or "UK" as their location. Most are much less vague. If you hover your mouse over a user name you will reveal certain facts about that person.
As you have just joined and probably not aware there is a large section of the club you currently can not access called "MARKET". To access this you need to click on your user name then select "account upgrades" in there you pay a one off fee of £2 to enable full access for buying, selling and placing wanted adverts.
We are a friendly and helpful bunch that just love our little aluminium chums.
Any questions feel free to ask. After all what we think is obvious may be completely unknown to you.


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Welcome to A2oc from sunny Prestwick. Not so sunny today I will grant you.

Yes A2s came in white but there are only 34 registered in the UK that are white from the factory. There's a few wrapped and painted examples out there. I recently saw a pretty unloved looking 55 plate driving along Ayr Road in Prestwick. It was too filthy for me to give it a wave - rare or not. 🤩

No offence if the owner reads this 😂 PM me and I'll sort it for you gratis.


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Welcome, you've found the most helpful forum on the internet. 😁 I'm in Hamilton, there's several active members in Scotland though I don't know any in Aberdeen. There are a few around Fife, one near Durness and many in the central belt.
Diesel versions are well known for their high mileage capability, particularly the 75 as it has a more reliable single mass flywheel and fixed vane turbo though the 90 is worth a look too if you are prepared for bigger maintenance and fuel bills. The 1.4 petrol is a lovely drive with a much slicker gearbox and lighter engine. It's a while since I drove our FSI though I remember it being a lot of fun and surprisingly fuel efficient.
There are lots out there to choose from though many have been neglected. Best of luck with your search, we'll be glad to assist you with finding a good one.


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Welcome to a very friendly forum with some real experts on all things A2. My daughter works near Stonehaven so we get up that way occasionally. Some spectacular coastal scenery and friendly people.

The map link did not work in my Firefox but worked in Chrome. However, I suspect many if not most of the locations are out of date (people move or no longer have an A2)

With lots of people like you buying A2s for the 1st time (what other car still looks great after 15-20 years and is so economical to own unless you get the upgrade bug or the multiple ownership bug!), I recently suggested we need a guide to buying an A2 only to be reminded that there is one. It was @murdo who wrote a long post no. 12 here:

Hope you find your ideal A2.


I'm on the Carse of Gowrie around 6 miles west of Dundee on the lower half of the A90, come up Aberdeen way now and again. Have 3 A2s on the drive in various states of functionality and / or hobby that are the family car pool.


Well thanks very much for all those lovely comments..
'audifan' I did indeed pay my donation to enter the world of the forum market & wow it seems to be worth every penny of the £2 (saying that I haven't bought my A2 just yet)!

However looking through various posts I came across this one - spotted A2 petrol 04 https://www.a2oc.net/community/index.php?threads/1-4-petrol-spotted-thread.10915/post-412206. This is the style i like... but comes in under my budget but as noted by various members, may have other pre-existing problems does anyone on here have an idea what that might have been? Just asking…

'murdo' thanks for the insight - only 34 white ones registered in the UK wow that might change things!
'Special edition' It's nice to know that there are a few other members around Stonehaven/Aberdeenshire, i wonder if there is anymore out there?
'damadgeruk' one of my good friends in stonehaven, whom i also work with comes from Strathaven/Glassford that must be close to you
'Alan_uk' thanks for the link, i have seen this already but haven't read it all just yet.... Yeah Stonehaven is a lovely place plenty to do/happening & we live very close to the beach. Did once live in Aberdeen city centre where I still work now (well not in these covid times) working from home at the mo, prior to all that my parents decided to leave & move us in my teens from Essex to picturesque Speyside area (near Aberlour). So moved around & experienced a bit of everything. So in Stonehaven there's me & the other half (from Kirkcaldy originally), our two kids & the dog. So an A2 i think would be fine size for us all - not to big & not to small to go out & about.
'Robin_Cox' you must have a big drive!

Thanks Guys


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I’m in Glasgow and there are a couple of other members in the Glasgow area. Not so sure on Aberdeenshire I’m afraid.

There was to be a Scottish social again this year but it was somewhat derailed but this will surely come around again.

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