How many have you had?

Started with an ATL 90 ‘Akoya’ ‘53 reg.
Then another ATL 90 Dolphin Grey ‘53 while crash repairs on the first were assessed, ended up as a donor car.
75 TDI AMF Ebony Black ‘daughters car’ ‘52 reg.
Then because of the ULEZ 2x FSI 115
Both Dolphin Grey ‘04 and ‘03 reg.
Still getting used to the differences between the diesel and petrol engines.
I am a mere beginner compared to Steve, but think I may well be in the 50-60 mark, many flippers and breakers over the years and at present two keepers(Jack and Jill), Jill is going into theatre tomorrow and Tuesday for some remedial works ready for Elan Valley. Fingers crossed my fears are not met. I know she needs a death pipe for sure, and possibly water pump and cam belt. If not, Jack will come out of retirement to take us there.
I’ve had 5

52 BBY castle red - sold to a friend
04 BBY imola storm - still have
54 ATL cherry red - currently being used by a friend
04 BAD imola storm - sold
52 AMF light blue - sold

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I feel inadequate. My A2 count is two. My experience is growing though. I had an FSI for a month (£1000 in 2019, 86k and 'sorted') but following advice on here, sold it on quickly. I have been looking for another and fluctuated between any of the other engine options finally finding an early 1.4 Petrol for £1000 with 67k. I love the way the petrols drive. But I also love the way the 75TDI drives too- completely different like another car! I haven't driven a TDI90 but I think I would like that too. My 1.4P isn't fast (the FSI was!) but its nimble and feels great.
Glad I found one with working OSS (it was soon BOSS- Broken OSS) but I am going to get that sorted by Kleynie when possible.
I haven't driven a TDI90 but I think I would like that too.
My own A2s are TDI75s, because I value reliability and low running costs most of all. However, the TDI90 drives best of all the A2s, especially when remapped (in my humble opinion, having driven hundreds of A2s of all variants).
Vast amounts of torque that begins at low revs makes for a much wider power band than the 75, giving the impression that it has a higher red line (when it actually doesn’t). A remapped 90 leaves the FSI for dust, whilst doing 20 more miles per gallon.
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Only 4 so far, but not finished yet. Need a diesel.

All petrol 1.4 upto press.

1) Silver 52 plate. Had damp issues, solved them, fitted blue leather, sold it. Regretted it immediately. Managed to buy back the interior.

2) Chrystal blue 54 plate, came with BOSE (got blue leather), a few other nice bits, still got it. Definitely a keeper. Had a deer collision adventure and rebuilt the front of it.

3) Dolphin grey with OSS and BOSE. Had electric drain problems, needed trailering home, got it all working, fitted red leather, sold it, regretted it immediately.

4) Dolphin grey 52 plate car in need of TLC. Saw it on here optimistically got the train to Nottingham, drove it back. Fixed most of its quirks and it now has black leather. Still got it.

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