How to Bleed The Brakes On Audi A2


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Its been tough with all that rain and floods and now this virus will give us another blow (the most vulnerable of us will leave this year), but we will survive as a species and hopefully we will learn from this a few lessons. Good health to you all stay calm, present and smart, if not for you then for your families and the rest of the world.


There is allso this in between thing with a tube and a One way valve were you put it on, losen the nipple and just pump the brakes until youre happy ,tighten and move to next.


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I used a pressure bleeder - a Gunson given to me by a step father-in-law.

It was all going so well - until I discovered that the previous owner of the brakes I was fitting (no one on here - sourced from a breaker) had fitted both back pads on one side. I only realised when I had fitted them - I used the piston rings on the back to ID and didn’t clock the springs.

When I moved back to the first calliper I must have bumped the spare tyre which was pressuring the system. The seal on the cap opened a little and sprayed a lovely mist of aerosolised brake fluid all over my newly fitted Webasto and EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD!

I think I’m using a low pressure approach in the future. Less risk of corrosive showers...

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I had similar problems with a Gunson pressure bleeder but leaks aside, it seems more logical to 'work' the brake pedal as part of the procedure.

Which ever method used, I still keep a spray bottle of water ready to wash away any spills

Cheers Spike

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Whilst the information in the video is helpful and informative there may well be some unsafe practices contained within it which cannot be condoned or supported by the A2OC. Members safety is paramount in our thoughts.


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I like the Chrisfix video on the subject if anyone is looking for a ‘how to’ on making a DIY one man bleeder kit. It’s a bottle with some tubing but it’s a nice easy project and a reminiscence to Blue Peter which I enjoyed.

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