Guide How to Reupholster The A2 Sun Visor


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Evening all,

After my recent breakthrough on understanding how simple it was to separate the 2 halves of the A2’s Sun Visor, I thought I’d compose something for you all to follow.

What’s the reasoning behind this, well you may have seen that last year I reupholstered the headlining in Project OEM. This was something that was high on the list of things to do as it was already sagging/hanging down when I purchased the A2. The fabric was touching the boys heads and they wasn’t impressed.

Well… Whilst I was searching for the best fabric to use I soon realised that it was impossible to locate an exact match to the factory material. I was able to get a perfect colour match but it was the incorrect texture. I could find the correct texture but the colour was a little lighter This lighter fabric with the correct texture to it is what I decided to choose as it was the best all rounder.

So the headlining was completed last year and it looks fabulous but the A and D Pillars along with the Sun Visors no longer matched the colour of the headlining material. This is why I had to persevere and separate this item to reupholster it so it blends in beautifully into my cabin.

Let’s start off with what I’m tackling this evening:



Doesn’t look pretty does it!

Here’s the tools I use to separate the 2 halves:


A couple of trim removal tools that I’ve had on the garage for some time which rarely see the light of day.

More to follow…


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Note: Before hand I ensured I gave the Twist plastic frame a good clean as I didn’t want to get any cleaning product onto the fabric during cleaning afterwards.

Here’s how I separated the 2 halves of the Sun Visor.

Initially inserted the trim opening tool where you can see it in the picture below, let’s call this position 1:

Position 2:

Position 3:

Position 4:

Position 5:

Position 6:

Position 7:

Position 8:

That’s all for now as run out of room for further pictures.

More to follow…


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Position 9:

When you’re having a go at this yourself you may find that you the 2 halves separate with less or even more positions as I’m sure it was less last time I done it.

Regardless of how many positions you need, you’ll eventually have Sun Visor opened up ready for surgery:

The 2 halves and the internal metal plate laid out ready for the next stage which is the cleaning of the internal metal plate:

Prior to cleaning I removed the old fabric from both sides:

One side will come off quite easily as it’s the same foam backed fabric as the headlining. The other side is Facing Fabric which is not foam backed and it’s adhered very well, persevere as it will come off. Be careful not to bend the metal plate. If you do end the metal plate just lightly hammer it flat.

Next up was the actual cleaning.

On this occasion for OEMs Sun Visors I chose what I had to hand which was an old paint scrapper along with some Elbow Grease. I soaked the internal plate in said Elbow Grease and popped back indoors for a beverage whilst it works it’s magic on the greasy residue:

You can try many different products to remove the remaining foam and adhesive. Most cleaning liquids will work. Once the Elbow Grease has soaked in I then began to use the old paint scrapper:

Kept scraping until all soggy old gunk was removed:

Next up was to take the metal plate indoors and wash it down in the sink (without being caught by 250’s owner) then back into the garage for a little preparation:

The red electrical insulation tape was applied to keep the tabs clean and easier to remove the new fabric prior to sandwiching it in its home.

More to follow…


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Next on the agenda was to get the fabric laid out and adhesive applied:

Followed by applying the adhesive to the metal plate and leaving them both for 5 minutes to cure a little:

The adhesive I’m using (and have done so for many years) is TrimFix High Temperature Spray Contact Adhesive. Remember that this is contact adhesive and you only get one attempt, if you place the plate on incorrectly you may struggle to remove it to place it where you first intended. Take you time. If you’ve been following them you should have have something like this right now:

All you need to do next is trim the fabric all round the edges and don’t forget the 6 grooves. A Stanley knife isn’t the best for this. I used a craft scalpel type knife as it’s a little sharper and is easier to use for a precise cut.

Once all trimmed repeat by laying out the next run of fabric, cover it in adhesive, not forgetting to also coat the metal plate, leave it to cure for 5 minutes the place the metal plate onto the fabric. Again, using your blade of choice to trim the excess material.

Next up is to sandwich your freshly reupholstered metal plate back in between the 2 halves you separated some 30 minutes ago. I used superglue and was quite liberal with it. I may not be able to separate it in again in the future!

To hold it in place and to ensure a good bond I used some clamps (more the merrier):

And here it is fitted back into OEM, finally matching the freshly (last year) reupholstered headlining:


Hope this helps some of your out whilst I continue to prepare to do this for you along with your tired headlining.

I must admit, the final 2 pictures really don’t do justice to the way it looks here in person. I’ll swap these pictures out in the morning.

Kind regards,



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Brilliant indeed. Also a fantastic guide for anyone handy enough to want to do it themselves. ?
Thank you Erling,

Still kicking myself for not realising how easy it is to separate the Sun Visor. I really do hope this is of use to someone out there.

It’s just my take on it and there is possibly a better process to follow but not found anything on our pages so far.

I’ll update this little thread if or when I refine my process.

Kind regards,