I passed my test! My FSI is officially on the road again


Hi everyone,

It's been a hot minute since I made my original post introducing myself and the car, but the other day I passed my practical driving test (first time, 2 minors) and have been commuting on my lonesome since, and I must say, despite always knowing how freeing it would be, my expectations are exceeded and I am just a huge fan of driving. It's made so much more fun with the A2 - so lovely to drive.

I check the forum regularly but have little reason to post so I'll take any excuse I can get. Here's some shots I took outside of the office today, but I must apologise as Jimley (the A2) is in dire need of a wash.

Going to get it a good professional wash, get the headlights polished, and get the interior wet-vacced & cleaned so it's all fresh. The least I could do given that it's been mostly parked up for a few months.

See you all at the next car meet.


Congratulations on beginning a life-long journey of learning behind the wheel. The test was just the end of the first semester! When I was young and invincible I believed I was the best driver on the road. I was wrong!

I must also congratulate you on an excellent taste of first car - looks to be a lovely example as a base to improve while you use it, I see it has the rare parking sensor option too.

Double thumbs-up from me!