Indicator/ Hazard blinker relay/ alarm | Starts to blink without notice

Ole: Ms will be very angry if she will be aware of how you speak about her car...... ;)

The issue is not that I MUST have the alarm. The issue is that hazard lights start to flash without notice regardless of whether the car is locked or not.... and then ms have a flat battery in the morning when she would like to go to work.... and then I will have to make my own dinner... .and I am even worse as a chef than I am as a "car electrician ?
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Double check the microswitch for the service hatch for either amissing rubber cover, switch not correctly secured, mechanism jammed or wiring issue. On my car the alarm will not arm if the hatch is open and the leds consequently do not flash. As soon as the hatch is locked the hazards flash once and the door led starts to flash. Not all cars show service hatch open on mini Dis but I have come across a few that do. It is important that the flap microswitch operates as this detects someone opening the flap to potentially steal the bonnet.
I will borrow a service hatch microswitch from one of my other A2s and test again as soon as the rain stops...
Again, many thanks for your superb help @audifan

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When I got my current 1.4 petrol from @depronman , it too was plagued with a battery that was always flat. The hazards would flash every few seconds. That was caused, we discovered, by a faulty CCCU triggering the some part of the alarm (the sounder was fubar too, so no noise). A replacement CCCU cured that problem temporarily until I got an AF version - the original was a Q
Hi, sry to surface an old thread, but I have bumbed into the same issue. Did you figure out what the problem was?
@bm_sthlm - my apologies for the very late replay.
The issue is still there, even after i run into another car and smashed the front.
I have changed the microswitch for the hood, doors, battery + terminal and fuse, blinker relay, hazard switch and tank flap switch.
It occur sometimes when driving, but most often just before midnight... this car is parked outdoor so I have thought about humidity/temperature but cannot find any evidence...
Feel a bit like I run out of good ideas

Have you found the source of your problem?

Have you tried turning off the interior monitor part of the alarm by pressing the switch beside the fuel flap release. If that solves the issue there is something either triggering the ultrasonics, something bumping the car or faulty sensor or wiring.

If you swap back to the original CCCU and ECU does the fault remain. Replacement could be coded differently or even incompatible to the later car. The alarm module in the boot could have corrosion causing it to short out.

If my dash cam decides to drop off the windscreen that triggers the alarm.

Have a full vcds scan done and post the results
Thanks @audifan !! I will try to press the switch beside the fuel flap release, but right now I do not know where it is...

The BHC has the original CCCU but the ECU is by mistake re-programmed.

Question: can the car be used without the alarm module? (we do not need the alarm function that all)

Full VCDS scan will be performed.
OK, I think now you should go back to the last known good configuration when the alarm / hazards were not flashing. Certainly go back to the original clocks, even if you have to replace the fuel gauge stepper motor first. I feel just now that some issues are compounding others and disabling the alarm is not the real issue. You need to be able to rule out parts of the systems but currently difficult to do. Disabling is only another short term bodge. You NEED the full VCDS scan to at least give some pointers.
Replacing the alarm sounder in the boot may be all that is needed, but it may not. Can you tell us exactly what you have changed and why? Age of the battery, condition of the main engine earth, any non Audi items fitted especially stereo.
I notice you have some extra heating systems fitted, are they connected to the cars electrics? Could be that as some of the car warms up something moves and that triggers the alarm. I now do not know if you car has the interior monitoring as it does not have the disable switch.
Important to get the remote locking working as that is also part of the alarm system.
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I see your point @audifan and I will follow your directions ?
My disable/short term/panic focus has solely been driven by her need to get to work..